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Makeup How-To: Beautiful Bronze Ombré Eyes

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Here’s, a how-to on creating a bronze ombré eyes that would complete your evening or day look.

1. Apply Base and Skin Highlight

The first step is to apply a base and skin highlight. After you’ve applied a liquid foundation that matches your skin tone perfectly, used a synthetic foundation brush then sweep a pearlescent bronze-colored blush along the bridge of your nose and over your cheekbones and also along your hairline to give your skin a radiant sun-kissed glow. Color palette could be “Warm Nude.”

2. Two Layer Eye Shadows

Second step is to apply a brown cream eye shadow with a fluffy shadow brush to coat your eyelid in a wash of color to intensify it at the outer corner. Then, apply a bronze cream shadow onto the center of your eyelid by only using your fingertip.

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3. Apply a Liner

The third step is to apply a brown kajal liner into your upper and lower lash lines to give you that soft look. Then, add mascara and touch up your brows needed. Use a black mascara over your lashes and deep brown on your arches.

4. Apply Pink Color on Lips

Give your lip a touch pink color. Create a subtle pink lip with a pinky-nude lipstick. This shade gives the mouth some color leaveing the eyes as the focus.

Viola! And you are ready to go!

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