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The Only 5 Exercises You Need for Sexier Legs

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Summer doesn’t just involve weekends at the beach or barbecues at home. Think of your wardrobe: short skirts, shorts and the popular bikini bottom. Getting those goddess-like legs takes a lot of work, and the usual exercises can get boring. We talked to Mr. Joe Buffa from KORE, about the more exciting exercises for great legs.

Buffa says that strong legs aren’t just sexy, but having them also improves all areas of your body physically. He goes on to say that the legs are a large group of muscles far from the heart, and when we work the legs, we cause intense blood flow everywhere in the body.

Having amazing legs and overall physical improvement? Sounds great to me. Here we have five of Buffa’s most effective leg exercises for you.

One-Legged Jumping

Taking a light weight from maybe between five and ten pounds, try Jumping forward for a short distance on you guessed it, one leg. Do this 4 times, as you turn clockwise each time. After that, try jumping backwards to your original position.

Try doing three sets for each leg.

Squatting and Heel Raising

Work the outer rotation of your hip, try standing with your feet apart at distance of you hip. Slightly bending your knees, point your toes away from your body. Bring your body down into a squatting position. When your knees and your hips are at the same level, lift your heels up and down. Stand up and squeeze your buttocks.

Try doing four sets of twenty.

Deadlifting on the Bosu

Stand on the Bosu with its flat side facing up. Grab a weight between ten to twelve pounds in each hand. Bend your legs a bit and keep your feet apart. The space between your feet should be the distance of your hip. Bend forward from your waist. Do this as you keep your chest up to the wall in front of you. Also pull your shoulder blades back a bit. Always make sure your spine is straight. You can look at the mirror if you’re not sure. You should be standing up slowly near the end while you squeeze your hamstrings.

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Try doing four sets of ten.

Lunging With Balancing or Jumping

You can do this exercise with either your body weight only or you can add weights. Try doing long lunges and deep forward lunges alternately. After the lunging is done, stand up from the front leg. You can either try holding and balancing yourself for two to three seconds or you can try jumping in place. Put your back foot to the floor in a lunge and step back to a standing position to complete the exercise.

Try doing four sets of ten.

Wall Sitting

Take a weight of around twelve to fifteen pounds. Look for a wall. Try sitting with your back to the wall. Your heels should also be right below your knees. Your legs should be at a 90 degree angle. Put the weight on your thighs once your hips and your knees are at the same height as your hips. Hold this position for 60 seconds.

Try doing four sets of 60 seconds each.

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