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Reasons Why There are Scabs in Your Nose

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The inside of your nose is lined with tissue that’s delicate. What’s more, it is highly vascular — there are lots and lots of blood vessels in it. That is why having scabs in the nose is a very common issue that can be caused by many different things.

Some of the most common reasons why there are scabs in your nose will be discussed in this article, so don’t stop reading now if it seems like you have scabs inside your nose all the time.

Dry Air

If you are spending most of your time inside an air conditioned room without a humidifier, then it’s not unlikely for you to have scabs in your nose all the time — breathing in dry air can cause the fragile lining of your nose to become parched and cracked, thus causing bleeding and eventually scab formation.


Breathing in dry air is not the only thing that can leave the inner lining of your nose dry and cracked, but also certain chemicals that can cause irritation. Some of the most common examples of those that can cause scabs in the nose when they’re inhaled include cigarette smoke, fumes from household cleaning products and industrial chemicals.

Nasal Spray Overuse

Regardless if what you are having is an allergy, the common cold or sinusitis, the use of a nasal spray can provide much-needed relief from nasal congestion. Sadly, excessive use of this product can cause dryness of the inside of the nose. Just like what’s tackled earlier, this is something that can cause cracking and bleeding of the inside of your nose.

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The Common Cold

Being down with the common cold can leave you highly susceptible to having scabs inside your nose. This is most especially true if you have runny or stuffy nose which you like to deal with by blowing your nose too hard or too often — is something that can cause trauma to the lining of the nose.


Because of congestion or stuffiness that sinusitis (inflammation of the lining of the sinuses or air-filled small cavities in the skull) brings, it’s not unlikely for you to constantly try to blow your nose. Just like what’s mentioned above, it’s something that can damage the lining of your nose and cause bleeding and ultimately formation of scabs.

Nose Picking

Kids are not the only ones who are fond of picking their noses, but a lot of adults, too — many of them are just doing it away from everyone’s view but there are those who don’t mind doing the deed at any given place and in any given time! Nose picking can cause a break in the inner lining of the nose, and this can easily lead to bleeding.

Pimples or Boils

Due to the fact that there are hairs growing inside your nose, it is very much possible for a pimple or boil to come into being in case one of the hair follicles in there winds up irritated or inflamed. When the pimple of boil pops naturally or due to trauma, fluid and blood that escapes from it may wind up as scabs.

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Cold Sores

Are you prone to having cold sores around your mouth each time you are stressed or sleep deprived, or after incurring trauma to the skin? Then you are a carrier of the herpes simplex virus, and it can also leave you having cold sores inside the nose. Naturally, scabs can form when blisters inside your nose pop and ooze.

Paranasal Sinus or Nasal Cancer

In rare instances, having scabs inside the nose may be a warning sign of paranasal sinus or nasal cancer, health experts say. The formation of scabs is often accompanied by other signs and symptoms such as congestion, nose bleeds, facial pain or numbness, and changes in vision and/or sense of smell.

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