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The Pouch Reset Diet

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Our stomach is simply an amazing organ. It can stretch as much as it can when we are eating large amounts of food then goes back to its regular size once the food we have eaten has been moved to the digestive track. For those whose pouch feels loose or are in need of help to stem food consumption that causes obesity, bariatric surgery can be implemented. However, even with this surgery, the post-op diet must be taken into consideration hence the pouch reset diet.

The pouch reset diet is basically a tool which can aid your stomach to go back to its normal size. This will require you to reduce your food intake so that it will help your stomach shrink back. Although you can do the pouch reset on your own, it is still recommended that you do it with the help of a dietitian or a bariatric surgeon so that you will get the best results.

So what happens during the pouch reset diet? Here is a breakdown of what foods are acceptable for each day.

Day 1

You only need to eat clear liquids like water, sugar-free Jell-O, decaf coffee, non-carbonated sugar-free drinks, broth, decaf tea, and sugar free popsicles. Yes, there won’t be any solids being consumed at this point so limit your food intake to these options.

Day 2 and 3

Full liquids are required at this point. There are many options to consider such as protein powder mixed with sugar free, non-carbonated clear liquid, soup with soft noodles, very thin creamed soups, diluted no-sugar added juice, sugar free sorbet, thinned applesauce, and sugar free, nonfat ice cream. Keep in mind that you should not eat or drink anything that will make your stomach stretch. It is best that you consume these in small amounts.

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Day 4 to 6

In these days, pureed foods are allowed. Examples of food that you can have at this point include hummus, soft cereals, scrambled eggs, almond or coconut milk, low-fat cottage cheese, no chunks soups. You can actually puree any food as long as it belongs to the healthy food group and can be digested easily. Make sure that you skip the meaty ingredients at this point since you are still trying to bring back the natural size of your stomach.

Day 7 to 9

Soft foods can be introduced back to your diet such as soft vegetables, ground chicken or beef, scrambled eggs, soft cereals, soft cheeses, soup, and mashed fruit, soft fish, canned tuna and salmon just to name a few. Make sure that they are soft and easy to chew as much as possible. Most of these are great for their protein content which is important when it comes to the pouch reset diet. Make sure that you do not eat too much as it can cause your stomach to stretch once more.

Day 10 and beyond

Now you can focus more on healthy foods. The goal here is to introduce foods slowly and in healthy portions. Start with measuring your meals to be the same size as your fist. You need to drink liquids at least 30 minutes before and after you eat and that you eat slowly so that you will be able to chew your food well. Give yourself at least 30 minutes for each meal. You can have fruits but do eat them in moderation. As much as possible, stay away from foods with sugar and carbohydrates that lack sufficient nutrients. 

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Doing the pouch reset diet can help your stomach go back to its original size so that you will be able to have more control over your food consumption.

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