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Common Workout Injuries and How to Avoid Them

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Whatever your reason to go to the gym is, the last thing you want is to get injured. It is easy to say that “I won’t get injured because I’m careful”, but in recent years there is has been a sudden increase in reported gym injuries. There has a 35 percent increase in gym injuries last year. Fitness experts speculate that the rise of injuries are caused by improper posture and exceeding the bodies limit.

The simple things we do such as hunching over when we use our computer can make us more open to gym injuries. The other frequent mistake is overdoing it. Doing too much, too heavy or too fast will surely cause injuries. Your safety should be on top of your priorities when working out in the gym. To help reduce the chanced of injuries, we have compiled some of the most common workout and gym injuries and how you can prevent them.

Knee Injuries

We are more prone to getting knee injuries when we work out if we have a desk job. This is due to the lack of movement in the hip and leg muscles during the day. Being isolated for long periods, then working out with an intense workout such as hiking, kick boxing or boot camps can put a lot of strain on the knee. Our knees experience a lot of stress during these. You need to strengthen the feet and hip muscles to prevent knee injuries. If you are someone that is prone to knee pain or knee injuries, perform lunges regularly. This can help strengthen the muscles. Another important thing you can do is to wear the proper footwear when working out. Unsuitable footwear can cause imbalance and make you shift more weight into one knee than the other. This also goes the same for everyday activities such as walking and doing chores. Wearing shoes that are imbalanced can make one knee prone to injury than the other. Avoid exercises that put too much pressure on the knees if you are only a beginner.

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Foot and Ankle Injuries

One of the most common injuries in sports in a foot or ankle injury. This injury can also occur in the gym or when working out at home. People that are more prone to this are people that spend a lot of their time hunch over a computer or work a desk job. This is due to the misplacement center of gravity you usually have, making you prone to tipping forward when you are running or doing a workout. This adds more pressure to your toes, heels, feet and ankle instead being spread through your core, leg and feet. Your ankle and feet are the one the catches all the impact causing sores and pain in these areas. You can prevent this by limiting the amount you spend in front of the computer or at least standing and walking every few minutes. It is also important to wear shoes that are not too high. This will spread out the impact on your foot. If you already have weak ankles wear protective wear or bandages to reduce tension on the joints. Another cause for foot and ankle injury is repetitive movements of running, jumping or so on. Do not continue your workout if you are already experiencing discomfort.

Lower Back Injuries

A lot of weight lifters experience lower back pain. This is due to the intense pressure it experiences when lifting weights. People that are prone to working on their feet are prone to lower back injuries. Most injuries of these types are caused by lifting something too heavy, lifting it the wrong way or too much repetition. Before trying to lift weight ask a professional about the ideal weight, repetition and form. Remember to stretch to strengthen the lower back.

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Neck Injuries

Most neck injuries are caused by misalignment in the neck. Injuries of these types are often caused by using the wrong form when exercising and working. People that work in front of a computer are prone to neck injuries because they maintain the same form they use when working a desk job and working at the gym. You can reduce this by improving your posture at work, stretching and moving the neck every few minutes and maintaining proper posture when lifting and doing cardio. Another factor that can cause neck injuries is lifting weights that is way beyond your body’s capacity.

Some of us have the habit of overdoing working out. We tend to work out harder thinking that it will fix our problems or improve our bodies quicker. An important thing to understand is that, your problem or low fitness levels didn’t happen overnight and it will not get better within a day. One workout won’t turn you into a bodybuilder overnight. The key here is consistency and proper workout guides. Follow these tips above to prevent getting any common workout injuries. If you get any injury that is causing severe pain or has lasted for more than a week, go to the hospital to get treatment or medication.

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