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Health and Beauty Benefits of Myrtle Essential Oil

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Myrtle essential oil is obtained via steam distillation from the branches, leaves, flowers and berries of the myrtle plant, which is associated with the Greek goddess of love and beauty, Aphrodite. Incidentally, myrtle essential oil is also known to offer a wide variety of beauty benefits when it is used topically.

However, it’s not just a youthful and flawless appearance that myrtle essential oil can restore, but also optimum health. It’s for the fact that is actually capable of dealing with a number of problems, from stress to chest congestion.

Since myrtle essential oil can be obtained from a variety of parts of the myrtle plant, its color may slightly vary. It’s not unlikely for you to come across something that’s clear. Sometimes the product may have a light-yellow color. Other times it’s greenish yellow. It’s also possible for myrtle essential oil to appear light orange.

Fragrance-wise, you will find that the smell of myrtle essential oil is not as alienating and overpowering as some oils out there. Are you familiar with the aroma of frankincense or bay? That’s how myrtle essential oil smells like.

Now that you are acquainted with myrtle essential oil, it’s time for us to discuss some of the most incredible health and beauty benefits that it is known to bring:

It Helps Lower Your Stress

Have you heard of the word “adaptogen”? Well, it’s something that helps your body adapt to stress so much better, thus helping to keep at bay its various complications. Myrtle essential oil is actually an adaptogen, and that is why its fragrance can help in reducing your stress. Provided that the myrtle essential oil you have is therapeutic grade, a few drops of it may also be consumed to promote stress reduction.

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It Strengthens Your Immune System

According to scientists, myrtle essential oil possesses antibacterial and antifungal properties. Because of this, it may be employed for keeping the immune system in an excellent condition. Especially when the cold or flu season is at hand, having a strong immune system can save you from catching a respiratory tract infection. For enhancing the immune system, myrtle essential oil may be utilized internally and topically.

It Reduces Congestion

Speaking of respiratory tract infection, the myrtle plant is actually a traditional remedy for congestion of the nose and chest due to thick or excessive amounts of mucus. And so it doesn’t really come as a surprise why the oil obtained from the said plant may also be employed for reducing nasal and chest congestion. Adding a few drops of it to a basin of hot water and inhaling its steam can help in loosening mucus in your upper airways.

It Normalizes Blood Sugar Levels

Based on a study conducted on rabbits not too long ago, myrtle essential oil is capable of bringing the blood sugar to normal levels. But the truth is the myrtle plant as well as oils obtained from it have been used by traditional healers for so many years now in managing high blood sugar. It’s important to keep high blood sugar in check because it’s something that can bring about a number of serious complications if it’s left unmanaged.

It Helps Deal With Acne and Skin Aging

As mentioned earlier, myrtle essential oil is commonly used as a beauty agent. For instance, its powerful antimicrobial and anti-inflammatory properties make it super effective against acne, and the loads of antioxidants in it helps repair skin that’s been damaged by the said condition. Myrtle essential oil may also be regarded as an anti-aging solution from nature. A few drops of it added to your favorite moisturizer can help improve and ward off wrinkles.

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