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10 Steps to Waking Up Gorgeous the Next Day

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Is there any secret to looking amazing the next day? You might think that beauty is inherited but although heredity gets to play a part, you can still look your best every day by doing a few beauty routines regularly. Do you want to know what these steps are? Here are 10 ones to try.

Start early

Make it a point to wash your face a few hours before you go to bed. Leaving it off for later can actually make you forget about this completely which can put you on risk of toxins penetrating your skin and clogging your pores.

Use honey and cinnamon spot treatment

Another way to wake up beautiful is that you use honey and cinnamon spot treatment especially when you have acne on your skin. What’s great about this remedy is that it removes acne without using harsh chemicals. Honey and cinnamon are both capable of killing any bacteria present on the skin while you sleep.

Change your sleeping position

If you typically sleep on your stomach then you are actually putting a lot of stress and pressure on your face which can cause more wrinkles to appear. Dermatologists can easily determine what position you sleep most by the number of wrinkles present. The best position would be to sleep on your back.

Spot treatment works

For those who find natural remedies ineffective, then try spot treatments before you go to bed. Spot treatments have drying properties that can help kill bacteria and even clean out the pores on your skin. The presence of calamine on these spot treatments can also soothe your inflamed skin.

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Eye treatments help

Since you have removed your makeup before going to bed, there is no need to worry about eye treatments mixing with your makeup at all. So go ahead and apply those eye treatments as much as you like to help moisturize the delicate skin under the eyes. Depending on the product that you are using, you can even condition your lashes and hydrate your skin too.

Scrub the lips

Who doesn’t want to have kissable lips when you wake up? If you want to make your lips look gorgeous, then scrub your lips to get rid of dead skin cells. Wash your lips afterwards and then apply lip balm to help moisturize your lips while you get your beauty rest.

Skip the carbs

If you want to make your cheekbones more prominent, have some high-protein, low-sugar dinner like salmon and asparagus which are natural diuretics. As much as possible, skip the rice, potatoes, and pasta.

Castor oil for your eyelashes

Our eyelashes may become thinner as we age so if you want to make yours thicker then use castor oil on a daily basis. Use a Q-tip to apply castor oil on your lashes every night so that they will become healthier and even make them grow a little longer. This prevents eye lashes from falling too.

Tame your frizz

If you often wake up with frizzy hair then you know you need to do something about it. Fortunately, you can lessen the frizz on your hair by wrapping it up in satin scarf. This will help minimize the friction on your hair as you toss and turn in your bed.

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Coconut oil

For those who need help with their hair, use coconut oil on it at least once a week. Apply this oil on your hair then wrap it up with a towel before going to bed. Wash your hair in the morning for gorgeous looking hair. If you only have a small amount of coconut oil on hand, you can apply it on the tips of your hair and you don’t even have to wash them in the morning.

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