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Yoga for Belly Bloat

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It might be because of something that you ate, your hormones are acting up, or you didn’t drink enough water. Whatever the reason may be for you to feel bloated, the good news is that you can help banish it fairly quickly using yoga. Yoga is a meditative practice that helps increase your flexibility while enhancing your body both externally and internally. If you want to de-bloat yourself as soon as possible, these yoga poses are highly recommended.


Lie down on the floor on your back then draw knees toward your chest. Rock yourself gently side to side to give your lower back a good massage. While keeping the right leg on your chest, straighten out your left leg until it is parallel to the floor. Drop left thigh to the floor while flexing the left foot. Hold this pose for 10 breaths then switch sides.


In this pose, you will need to start on a sitting pose. Your feet should be placed flat on the floor with knees bent. Position hands at the back of your thighs then raise your right shin until it is parallel to the ground. Draw your navel towards the spine without rounding the upper back. Open your collarbone as you put your right toes on the floor while lifting the left leg until it is parallel to the ground. You should move your leg from right to left and back again 10 times. To increase the intensity of the workout, raise both shins off the floor and hold this for 10 seconds.

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The cat/cow pose can also help stretch the abdomen thus relieving you of any digestive issues. You will need to get down on your hands and knees with hands positioned under your shoulders and knees under the hips. As you exhale, press down on your hands while making a dome or arching your upper back. On inhale, push your breastbone forward while lowering your stomach toward the ground. Continue alternating from the cat to cow pose for 15 inhales and exhales.

Twisting child’s pose

Tummy issues can be corrected with a forward fold in yoga. In this version of child’s pose, you should put two blocks where the lowest height under your hands are. Now go into child’s pose by sitting back with your hips lowered toward the heels. Extend your arms before while lengthening either side of the waist. Crawl your hands toward the left knee then position your head on a block to keep your neck aligned. If the right hip is moving away from the right heel, add more weight to it. Do 10 to 15 breaths before crawling hands to the center. Do the same thing with the opposite side. 

These are just a few examples of yoga poses that will help you deal with your belly bloat better. Just make sure that you do each pose carefully and with paying attention to your breathing so you will be able to get the most out of them.

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