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Celery Juice is Trending, But Should You Really Drink It?

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If you are following lots of health-conscious individuals — celebrities and ordinary people alike — on Instagram, then it’s not unlikely for your Instagram feed to be showcasing lots and lots of photos of celery juice.

With more than 100,000 #CeleryJuice posts on Instagram, it cannot be denied that this bright green-colored juice is trending on this side of the social mediaverse.

But should you follow suit by getting your hands on a juicer and loads of celery sticks? Read on to know the answer. And if you have lots of family members and friends who are on Instagram and are under the spell of social influencers, then make sure that you repost this article after checking out its entirety.

Screen goddesses, supermodels, plain Janes — it seems like a lot these days are totally hooked on drinking celery juice. It can be very easy for you to be enticed to follow suit because, after all, those who are posting photos of celery juice on Instagram look awesome and completely happy and healthy.

According to proponents of this health trend, 16 ounces of celery juice should be consumed first thing in the morning — about 30 minutes before having your breakfast. And in order for it to really work, nothing should be added to it — not even ice.

Even though thousands of people are swearing by the effectiveness of consuming celery juice upon waking up, scientists do not really back up its consumption.

Well, we already know that celery is healthy just like so many other leafy green vegetables on the face of the planet, so it cannot be denied that taking it in juice form is good for you. But according to scientists, it’s not drinking 16 ounces of celery juice first thing in the morning per se that’s good for you — it’s the fact that you are drinking the juice of one of the healthiest vegetables out there.

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Just like most other veggies, celery has anti-inflammatory properties courtesy of the loads of antioxidants present in it. Experts associate inflammation with so many serious health conditions, including cancer.

Nutrition experts revere celery for the fact that it’s packed with water. Everyone knows the sheer importance of keeping the body properly hydrated — it’s necessary for the functioning of the cells and tissues, regulating the body temperature and flushing out toxins within.

If you’re into home remedies, then it’s not unlikely for you to already know by heart that the intake of celery is an effective all-natural solution for a urinary tract infection or a UTI — no, not because it has antibiotic properties, but because it’s being loaded with water lets you pee more often, thus flushing out those UTI-causing bacteria.

Celery is also rich in fiber that helps sweep waste materials and poisonous substances from the gut. What’s more, it can assist in optimizing the process of digestion as well as encourage the proliferation of beneficial bacteria residing in your intestines.

Similarly, fiber found abundantly in celery can help in lowering bad cholesterol levels and keeping the arteries clog-free. It goes without saying that consuming celery on a regular basis can help considerably lower your risk of suffering from heart disease — just don’t forget the importance of pairing healthy eating with regular exercise!

Because it is both high in water and fiber (plus the fact that it is extremely low in calories and absolutely devoid of saturated fat), it’s no wonder why regularly adding celery to your diet can help you lose weight and also keep unwanted pounds from coming back.

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That’s the operative phrase: regularly adding celery to your diet. As far as scientists are concerned, it doesn’t matter whether you consume celery in juice form or as it is found in nature — for as long as you consume this vegetable on a regular basis, you get to enjoy the various health perks it’s known to offer.

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