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8 Shampoo Mistakes You Should Avoid

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Not using shampoo the right way, can cause damage and problems to your hair. Limp strands, flaky scalp and dry hair are just some hair problems caused by the way you shampoo your hair.

Below are the do’s and don’t’s of using shampoo and washing your hair:

1. Not wetting your hair enough.

Getting your hair wet enough, before shampooing is needed to guarantee that products work their best. Shampoo doesn’t lather, without enough water you will be inclined to use more shampoo, stripping your hair and wallet in the process.

2. Applying shampoo on the same spot always.

You always start by using shampoo on the same spot on your scalp, usually at the crown. Try alternating by using shampoo at the nape of your neck, then distribute the lather into your hair. Lastly, move forward to the top of your head.

3. Using shampoo repeatedly.

When shampooing your hair, once is enough. The method you’ve been used to which is to “lather, rinse and repeat” is wrong. This is only when people washed their hair once a week or less.

4. Using the wrong conditioner.

Using conditioner in the wrong place can do damage to your hair. Remember to apply on the hair shaft and not the scalp. Work your conditioner through the hair using your fingers, instead of a comb.

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5. Too much friction

Causing too much friction or rubbing hair strands between your hands can damage the strands. Use your fingertips to massage the scalp.

6. Not rinsing enough.

Take as much time as possible, to rinse your hair out thoroughly and then wring it out post shampoo. Make sure that all traces of shampoo and conditioner is gone.

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7. Rinsing with hot water.

Using hot water when rinsing hair, can dry the hair and scalp. Use lukewarm water instead.

8. Using the same shampoo.

You should switch shampoo occasionally to avoid buildup of ingredients, such as silicone. Replace your shampoo every couple of months, with another one formulated for your hair type. Using a clarifying shampoo at least once a month is also recommended.

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