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Healthiest Sleeping Positions to Try

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We all need to get a good night’s sleep on a daily basis in order to feel refreshed and rejuvenated. However, around 40% of the population in the United States alone are not getting enough rest hence they end up feeling weary and sleepy all the time. Unfortunately, this puts them at risk of high blood pressure, obesity, and even depression. However, even though you are reaching the recommended 7 to 8 hours of sleep, the way you sleep in bed may be causing you to feel aches and pains in the morning. So, what are the healthiest sleeping positions for you to try?

Back sleepers

Back sleepers find that it is easier for their head, spine, and neck to remain in a neutral position where there is nothing pressing against them. This is useful to those who have acid reflux, especially when their upper body is slightly elevated, since their stomach acid doesn’t go back up their esophagus. However, sleeping on your back may not be recommended to you if you are a constant snorer as this position may cause your tongue to fall back and impede your breathing.

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Side sleepers

Another sleeping position that is good for you is sleeping on your side. What’s great about this position, regardless of whether you will be sleeping on your left side or right side, is that you are reducing neck and back pain, as well as snoring. This is actually a good position to maintain for your overall health since your spine remains elongated. If you have GERD or gastroesophageal reflux disease, or you experience heartburn from time to time, the best position is to sleep on your left side since your stomach acid will remain where they are. However, sleeping on your side may not be so good to your face and your chest area since they are often squished. This can lead to lines developing earlier.

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Of course, there are two other sleeping positions that are not exactly and these are:

Stomach sleepers

As the name suggests, this position will find you sleeping on your stomach with your head twisted to one side. The incorrect position of your head can lead to aching muscles in the morning since you are putting a lot of pressure on your joints and muscles.

Fetal position sleepers

Tucking your knee against your chest may be comfortable to you at night, but when you stretch your body in the morning, you’ll probably feel discomfort. This is not recommended if you have joint problems such as arthritis as it can make your condition worse.

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