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Morning Habits That Can Make You Feel Tired All Day

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Start the day right — this is what everybody says for you to do. Sadly, you may be guilty of doing certain habits in the morning that can keep you from getting your day started correctly, many of which can leave you feeling tired until the day comes to an end. See which of the following energy-draining morning habits you tend to commit all the time. Quit doing them and you can expect to have optimum energy all day long:

Not Reaching for a Glass of Water

Want to know one of the reasons why you have morning breath? You are dehydrated — that mouth dryness serves as a testament to it. For 7 to 9 long hours, your body is deprived of much needed water. It’s for this reason exactly why it’s a good idea for you to immediately head to the kitchen and have a glass of water upon jumping out of bed — it will restore proper hydration and give you an instant dose of energy.

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Skipping the Shower

A lot of people choose to shower at night for a couple of reasons. First, it allows them to de-stress, thus making it so much easier for them to get to dreamland. Second, it saves them from the need to shower in the morning, thus letting them save a lot of time. Unfortunately, not starting the day with a shower can actually leave you wanting to crawl back into bed and spend the entire day there even if you have lots of office tasks or a family eagerly waiting for you.

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Scheduling Your Workout After Office Hours

It can take a lot of convincing and motivating for you to put on a pair of workout shoes first thing in the morning, but it’s something that will not only keep you in a great shape but also leave you energetic throughout the day. Besides, choosing to get your regular dose of exercise later on in the day is like courting insomnia to weave its magic on you all night long — failure to get a good night’s sleep can leave you fatigued the next day.

Checking Out Your Fitness Band

Especially if you are someone who’s really health-conscious, the use of a fitness band or watch with a sleep tracker can be very enticing. Sadly, seeing that you failed to get your desired sleep score as soon as you wake up can leave you feeling frustrated and stressed, easily leaving you drained of energy. Rather than use a fitness band or watch, assess your sleep quality by how you feel upon waking up, such as by asking if yourself you feel rejuvenated instead of exhausted.

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Taking a Peek at Social Media

At night, experts highly discourage everyone from taking a look at their social media feeds especially if they get easily triggered by many of the things that their contacts share — it’s something that can leave them wide awake all night long. Well, the same should be avoided first thing in the morning as coming across the posts you don’t like can easily leave you feeling annoyed. What’s more, it can keep you from doing all the things necessary to get your day started.

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Having the Wrong Type of Breakfast

Everyone knows that breakfast is the most important meal of the day. Unfortunately, not all people are aware of the fact that it’s also a must to go for the right breakfast. For optimum energy levels that can last throughout the day, opt for a breakfast that consists of whole grains, high quality protein and healthy fats — you can get those from oatmeal, Greek yogurt and eggs. On the other hand, a breakfast that’s loaded with nothing but sugar and carbs can leave you feeling drained in no time. 

Not Allowing the Sunshine In

Consider pulling back the curtains and drapes first thing in the morning in order to allow the bright sunshine into your home. Doing such is actually a great way to have your body clock regulated, thus allowing you to feel wide awake. Also, it allows you to get your dose of vitamin D, a nutrient you need to get your mood lifted, your bones and teeth strengthened, your immune system activated, and your risk of certain types of cancer lowered.

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