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Kitchen Tips to Help You Eat Healthier

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People say that how you organize your home can dictate how you organize your life. So, what does it say when you have a well-organized kitchen? Having a kitchen that is organized can help improve your physical and mental health. Arranging your spaces to help you make healthier choices are the ones that is essential to your day to day activities. It shows that Families who keep their snacks or sugary foods in the counter or anywhere highly visible consume more calories a week than families that tuck away their snacks in pantries or cabinets. You can make better choices by simply moving a few things in your kitchen. Here are some of the best organizing tips and tools you can use to help you eat healthier.

Avoid Cute or Way Too Artistic Utensil or Tools

People have the tendency to consume more food or servings if they are using a more aesthetically pleasing utensil or tools. This especially applies to spoons, forks, bowls and ice cream scooper. Due to the appearance of the tool, we are more likely to overdo consumption. The artistic or cutesy appearance of the tools gives us a sense of fun and may consider the current meal as a way to indulge or reward ourselves. You can use this to your advantage. Pick up artistic utensils for healthy food such as thongs, fruit bowls, salad forks and so on. These tricks will make you eat healthier food and eat less without knowing it.

Downsize Everything Except Your Water Glass

Eating your meals on a smaller plate and using smaller utensils can help you cut back to one fourth of your regular servings. This creates the illusion of eating a lot or having bigger mouthfuls, when in truth you are cutting back or eating the same amount. This even goes for your soap bowls, eating utensils, juice glass and entrée plates. This is just a small change that can do wonders to your eating habits. Another great tip when it comes to your plates and bowls is to use darker colors. Ones that tend to be light make the food a lot more appetizing. Dark ones can make the food appear dull. Avoid colors such as yellow and black since it enhances craving.

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Serving Station Far from The Table

Put your salad and soup servings on the table, but leave your bread and heavy entrees on the stove or serving station. This may seem like a huge hassle, but that is exactly the point. The more effort you have to do to get your next serving makes you less prone to eating more. It is also a great point to keep leftovers in hard to reach areas or hard to open containers to remove the urge of snacking.

Place Unhealthy Snack in A Non-Clear Container

You can avoid this scenario by not buying any healthy snacks at all, but we are human. We have days where you really have the urge to eat something sweet or salty. So, the best option you can take is to store all your unhealthy snacks in a dark container. This can prevent you from seeing them, even when they are stored away in the pantry. Even glimpses of these snacks can cause you to crave them, so it’s best to keep it out of sight. You’ll only have the urge to open it up when you really feel like eating them.

Kitchen Tools or Appliances

You may love seeing your Frappuccino maker or kitchen mixer, and we all know how helpful these tools can be. However, these items can easily draw the eyes and cause you to create something unhealthy. Declutter your counter or kitchen and store them away. Only take them out of storage when you feel like you need it. Removing stuff from your counter can also make you eat less. Seeing less food or ingredients can reduce your cravings. Putting in healthy options such as fruits and vegetables on the counter can help you eat healthier.

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The summary of organizing your kitchen for healthier eating is to prevent you from eating mindlessly or consuming more portioning or servings necessary. It gives you a better option. Instead of grabbing any food that is within reach, it allows you to contemplate on your meal. This also reduces the chance for cravings. Other notable tips from organizing experts is to never be persuaded by how food looks, especially when it comes to desserts. Artsy desserts look amazing, but its calories can pack a punch. Try to pack lunch or snacks as much as you can. This can prevent you from consuming anything you wish and can control your servings. 

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