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How to Make a Body Spray That Can Combat Anxiety

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In this day and age, you’ll be hard-pressed to find someone who isn’t suffering from anxiety every now and then. Anxiety can be considered as an epidemic, courtesy of the stressful lives we’re leading and toxic world we’re living in.

Every now and then, we need to relax to make sure that anxiety won’t get the best of us.

And this is why there are lots and lots of products available these days that are said to help deal with anxiety, ranging from eye pillows to fidget cubes.

Did you know that there are also body sprays that many rely on each time they are having a bout of anxiety and need to relax in an instant to get on with their everyday lives?

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No, you don’t have to scour the entire city just to get your hands on one of those sprays.

What you need to do is keep on reading this article — below you will come across the very simple recipe for making such product from scratch.

Each time that anxious thoughts start to race through your mind and you feel its many physical symptoms such as a rapid heart rate, chest tightness and hand tremors, all you have to do is grab your DIY calming body spray and spray away.

Unlike most other body sprays for anxiety that you can purchase online and offline, the homemade type is free of any unnecessary ingredient.

This only means that using it lets you calm down without letting all sorts of chemicals touch your skin!

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You wouldn’t want any harmful chemical getting to your system because there is evidence that exposure to pollutants may cause one’s anxiety to increase or worsen.

By using the DIY calming body spray that you will learn how to make in a few, you can expect unadulterated relaxation that is untainted by harmful ingredients like artificial fragrances and preservatives.

One of the things that make the said homemade body spray that can combat anxiety work really well is the fact that it involves the use of various relaxing essential oils.

It’s scientifically proven that lots of essential oils can actually have an impact on a person’s mood.

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Needless to say, the essential oils involved in the calming body spray recipe below are some of the best for soothing the mind to get rid of anxious thoughts.

But before you start making your very own calming body spray, get your hands on a 2 oz spray bottle — it’s small enough to stash in your bag, but large enough to give you plenty of relaxing sprays.

Here’s the recipe:


5 drops of lavender essential oil 

5 drops of lemon balm essential oil 

5 drops of tangerine essential oil 

5 drops of neroli essential oil 

5 drops of petitgrain essential oil 

Distilled water


-Using a small funnel, place all of the essential oils in a 2 oz spray bottle. 

-Top the bottle up with distilled water. 

-Replace the can and vigorously shake. The water should turn cloudy.

That’s it — you just made your very first bottle of homemade body spray that can help you relax during a bout of anxiety!

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All you have to do is reach for it and start spraying a little of it on your neck, chest, inner wrist, palm of your hands, etc. You may even spray some of it on your pillows or linens to help you get a good night’s sleep.

Don’t forget to share this article on your various social media sites to let your family members and friends who suffer from anxiety every now and then know how they can make their own calming body spray.

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