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How Switching Hair Styles Can Boost Self Esteem

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Women when depress tend to eat a lot or go shopping, but another thing they do is switching their hairstyle into a new one. Research shows it help in boosting our self- esteem, the feeling of neglect, feeling down and frustration.

So head now to your favorite salon and ask for a new hairstyle that best suits you.

First is to Know the Shape of your Face

Tie up your hair and stand in front of the mirror to examine if your face shape is round, square, long, oval, triangle or heart-shape. The shape of your face will determine what hair style will suit you best.

The shape that is ideal for all types of hairstyle is the oval shape. You have oval shaped face if its slightly longer, then wide in the cheekbones area and your jawline is softly rounded.

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The heart and triangle shaped face are usually the same but differs in the heart-shape hairline at the forehead.

The round shape is almost as wide and long on the cheekbones. Then square shape have the narrowest part at the forehead, jawline is quite strong and also the widest part of the face. And the long face, is narrow on the side of the cheekbones and face is longer than wide.

Oval face: The luckiest of them all, you can try whatever hairstyle you wanted. This type of face is easiest and suits all types of hair cuts.

Long face: A shoulder-length hair that can balance your face, then to widen that face you’ll need to get a volume on the sides.

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A no-no is the bob cut, curly and wavy hair. And if you like longer hairstyle make sure to have lots of layers to balance and let your face drag down emphasizing the longness of your face.

Round face: The long layered straight to slight wavy and a side swept but long bangs is also suited for this type of face. But avoid chin-length cuts and short bangs, it can make your face more fuller.

Square face: To soften the sharp jawline is the goal, so try choosing hairstyles with curls and waves and wispy bangs. If you like layers it should be within the same length of your jaw. A great volume cut is also good but avoid chin length hairstyles that will emphasize your sharp jawline.

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Heart/Triangle face: Side swept bangs and with layers below the chin and shoulder length cuts is great. Also the long and wavy that will keep the length to the longer side and a shorter style that will emphasize the small jaw area.

The Importance of Hair Style

Enhancing our physical attributes can contribute on how we look. The more suited the hair cut to our face the more we show how beautiful we are. Some people are not aware of their face shapes and hairstyles, some hairstyle can make you shorter, odd, fat, or older but a suitable hair cut makes you more beautiful, young and vibrant.

Even without a new dress, accessories or makeup, one factor that can make you fabulous is hairstyle. You may think models and celebrities looked so dashing before they enter showbiz but they’re not. They went through a lot of beauty and hair style coaches to attain that look that we always admire.

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Hairstyle improves our appearance and can also affect how other people perceive us. Having an unkempt or disheveled hair makes people think you lack grooming and doesn’t give priority to your hygiene thus this affects your confidence in dealing with different kinds of people.

Choose the Best Hair Style

To determine which hairstyle to choose, of course consider your face shape then ask for some advise to your stylist. Ask what is best for your face shape, not just some hairstyle that is on season but does not suit you at all thus making you look like you’re trying to hard.

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Although experimenting is good, you must also consider the one that suits you. You can describe to your stylist what style you want, so he/she will choose something that suits you at the same time make you look great!

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