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Egg Beauty Treatments You Need to Start Doing

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We are all looking for ways in which we can bring back the natural beauty of our skin. Yes, skin care products number in the dozen but sometimes they can do more harm than good especially when it comes to their ingredients. This is because some skin care products have harsh chemicals that can dry up the skin and leave it prone to acne breakouts too. Fortunately, turning to natural treatments for the skin can have a huge advantage to your skin because you are removing possible toxins from your skin. One such ingredient that you can use is egg which is known to contain high amounts of vitamins that are actually good for the skin. Here are some beauty treatments that you can do with egg as the primary ingredient.

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Egg white with yogurt face mask

If you want to reveal beautiful skin, making a face mask containing yogurt and egg white is highly recommended. You simply need to combine a spoonful of yogurt with egg white, add a bit of brown sugar to it, and then apply on your face and neck evenly. Massage for 10 minutes using gentle, circular strokes. Leave it on for another 10 minutes then rinse thoroughly. You will find that your skin feels smoother because the dead skin cells have been removed as well.

Egg white for lifting eyelids

For those whose eyes are looking dead tired, this egg white treatment is good for you. Start by cleaning your eyelids thoroughly then pat them dry. Get the whites of one egg and beat until it becomes frothy. Get a Q-tip to apply the egg white to the crease of your eye and leave it on until it has dried. Use a warm, damp cloth to remove the egg whites. You can repeat this as many times as you want so your eyes will appear brighter.

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Egg white with lemon juice mask

If you have to deal with dark spots because of acne scars, then you will find that egg white mixed with lemon juice can be a huge help. For this treatment, you will need to combine egg white with about two spoons of fresh lemon juice. Add some honey into the mix. Whisk the ingredients until you come up with a frothy mixture then apply on your face as well as your neck evenly.  Leave it on for half an hour before washing off. The egg whites are known for their ability to firm up the skin while lemon juice can help lighten your skin.

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Eggs for dandruff

Dandruff problems can be embarrassing for sure, but with the help of egg yolk, you will be able to moisturize your skin once more. You will need to combine 1 to 2 yolks and half an avocado in your blender or more depending on the length of your hair then blend. Apply this on your hair and leave it for half an hour. Rinse your hair afterwards with cool water to avoid cooking the egg yolk on your head. Shampoo afterwards and you will see a huge difference.

Lift face with egg white and oatmeal

Sagging skin can be a problem in the long run but you can remedy this with a bit of oatmeal and egg white. Start by whipping up one egg white then combine it with two spoons of raw oatmeal until you create a paste. Apply on your face evenly then leave it on for about 20 minutes. Wash off afterwards then pat your skin dry. You will feel a bit of tightness to your skin afterwards.

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