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Ayurvedic Foot Massage to Try

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Tired feet is what we end up with after a long day at work. With all the walking, going up and down the stairs, running, and even standing for hours can take a toll on our feet. You might not know this but taking care of your feet can actually help strengthen the nerves while bringing back your vitality too. Getting a foot massage can help you get a good night’s sleep, boosts digestion, relieves headache, treat cracked feed, and even enhance your eyesight for that matter.

Three Phases of Ayurvedic Foot Massage

You’re probably wondering how you can do an Ayurvedic foot massage. Well, there are three phases to this. The first one is using your hands where you will use your fingers to press up and down on your muscles to stimulate blood flow. You can put light to heavy pressure where it is needed. The second phase is the kasa bowl which is a bowl that is coated with oils. The round surface of the bowl is used for massaging the feet using circular motions to improve circulation. The third phase is the marma therapy where in it focuses on the energy points. This way, all the toxins in the body can be released.

How to Do Ayurvedic Foot Massage

First things first, you will need to prepare a tub, ginger and salt, warm water, as well as massage oil (sesame, coconut, or ghee). For the foot soak, you should fill the tub with warm water then add some freshly crushed ginger to it. Add sea salt, about a teaspoon of it, into the tub then mix well. Soak  your feet in the solution and let yourself relax for 20 to 30 minutes. Remove your feet from the tub then pat them dry. Follow the steps below:

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Now get some massage oil then apply it all over your feet. Using your hand, massage around the ankles first specifically where the calf ends. Press down on the muscles starting at the bas of the calf to the heel in a gentle, downward motion.  

Massage the area below the ankle with your fingers moving toward the inner part of the foot going outside. Follow this up with massaging the area between each of the toes by pressing each toe apart. 

Bend your leg to place one foot on the other thigh so that the bottom of the foot is facing in an upward direction. Position your thumb at the center of the foot then work your way down to the middle. You should do this several times before moving to massaging the heels. Do the same with the other foot. 

Wash your feet afterwards using warm water. 

After washing your feet, wear cotton socks to help trap the moisture in your feet. Now go to sleep and let the oils do their work.


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