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How to Make Your Perfume Last

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Firstly, perfumes is expensive. We want to get the most out of our buck. Secondly, almost everyone loves wearing perfume. It gives us that charm or extra boost to make us feel sophisticated, feminine, strong and confident. Wearing perfumes can impact our overall image. So, making perfumes last throughout the day is important. We want to remain smelling good at the end of the day without spritzing on more perfume. Thankfully, there are many tips and tricks that can help make your perfume smelling good all day long.  Below are some of the most effective and proven perfume beauty tips.

Storing your perfume in warm and damp places such as the bathroom and kitchen can break down the particles of the perfume. Light, humidity and heat will affect your perfumes quality, making it less fragrant and making it diminish faster. When storing your perfume pick places that are dry and cool such as your room or vanity table. Keep it away from windows too.


Do you want your perfume to  last all day long? Vaseline can do the trick. Apply Vaseline on your pulse points such as the wrist and neck before applying your perfume. The density of the ointment will hold the fragrance longer and keep it sticking onto the skin. This is a much better way than spraying it directly on dry skin.

Unscented Lotion

People that have an oilier skin tone can retain fragrances longer. If you are prone to dry skin, apply unscented lotion on your skin before spraying on perfume. The lotion will help adhere the perfume on your skin. The moisture will help lock in the scent on your skin.

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After Showering

Spraying perfume directly after your bath or shower can help lock in the scent on your skin. After showering the skin is still moisturize and can absorb the perfume better. Spray on perfume before getting dressed. Wait for the perfume to dry before putting your clothes on, this will prevent perfume form staining jewelry and clothes.


It has become a habit to dab the perfume on your skin after spraying, but this can only make the perfume dissipate faster. Rubbing your wrist together application will only make the perfume particles to scatter. When you apply perfume leave it to dry, do not rub it on your skin.

Warm Areas

The warmest areas of your body are the best place to wear perfume. These areas can help diffuse the perfume making it enter the body. Some of these warm areas are your wrist, ankles, your neck and your hairline.

Faint Scent

If you want that faint but lingering scent, spray your perfume in the air and slowly walk into the mist. This will distribute the perfume more evenly on the body. This will leave the hint of fragrance when you walk by.


Apply your perfume on a small rag and leave it inside your closet. The scent will start to penetrate through your clothes, leaving that faint smell.

We hope these perfume beauty tips help with your perfume dilemmas. Share with us some of your personal tips and tricks below.

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