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How to Wear Braided Pigtails Without Looking Like a Kid

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Braided pigtails can make you reminisce about your childhood and wearing them now might seem a good idea. But if you are getting some strange looks from your folks and even the people on the street, they might be thinking that you are trying too hard to reclaim your childhood days. Does this mean that you can consign wearing braided pigtails to the past? Not if you know how to wear your hair right. Here are some braided pigtails that you can still pull off even when you’re an adult and not look silly wearing them.

Messy braids. Braids don’t have to be worn perfectly which is why, if you don’t have enough time in your hands to do some serious plaiting, you can do with the messy braids. Simply weave three braids on either side of your head and pull them into a loose bun. This will create texture to your hair while keeping it away from your face. The best part is that you won’t like you are trying too hard to look like a kid.

Double dutch. Thick haired women will do well to try the double dutch braid on their hair to tame them a bit. All that you have to do is French braid your hair four times starting from the crown and combining each section by braiding them with one another at the bottom. Not only will this hairdo look amazing, but you’ll also be able to work without any hindrances such as hair falling on your face when you least expect it.

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The Bardot treatment. If you are familiar with the actress, Brigitte Bardot, then you know that she looked amazing wearing pigtails. You too can copy her look without appearing childish with your hairdo. For this hairstyle, you will need to prepare a few things first. You will need a super hold hairspray, a volumizing and texturing spray, hair elastics, and a fine toothed comb. Spritz your hair with some volumizing and texturing spray and use your fingers to scrunch them up. Keep in mind that this hairstyle is more about texture and volume so no, you won’t be wearing any neat braids for now. Use your find tooth comb to tease back your crown or the hair on top of your head. Now divide your hair into two sections. You don’t have to worry about your part being straight as long as your hair is divided evenly. Tie the first ponytail right behind the ear then tease the hair that is pointing out further. Do the same with the other side.

Bubble hair. Braids are definitely in but if you don’t want to plait your hair, you can do the bubble hairstyle instead. You just need plenty of hair ties and tie each section off to create the bubble effect. Make sure that you pull at each tie to make the section of hair balloon. Repeat this until you have tied the rest of your hair.

Boho princess. The Boho look is definitely something to aim for when you have the time so to complete your outfit, you will need a corresponding hairstyle to go with it. The Boho princess look is one hairstyle that will compliment you. To do this, simply French braid on each side of your head tightly until they reach your shoulders. Tie the ends off with an elastic hair tie. 

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Who said that you have to say goodbye to wearing braids? After all, there are new twists to your favorite childhood hairstyle just like the ones mentioned above.

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