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Tips to Keep Your Nose From Getting Sunburned

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Because your nose is sticks out, it’s something that can get sunburned much faster than the rest of your face. Having a sunburned nose is a problem that’s more common during the hottest months of the year.

It’s not just your nose that you should give ample protection from the sun’s harmful UV rays, but also your entire face and body parts that are not concealed by clothing. But in this article, we will focus more on the nose. Below you will come across some of the smartest tips to keep your nose from ending up sunburned.

Stay in the Shade

The sun is at its most intense in between 10 in the morning and 4 in the afternoon. If staying indoors during the said time period is not a possibility, do your best to stay under the shade each time you head out.

Put on a Hat

Cannot guarantee that there are lots of shaded areas outdoors that you may employ? Then wear a hat — it’s like having a shade that follows you around, saving your face and most especially your nose from being bombarded with UV rays coming from the sun. Opt for something with a wide brim for better protection.

Or Use an Umbrella

Many people find it a hassle to bring an umbrella with them all the time. That’s a bummer because an umbrella can really shield your nose from the sun. If you’re like most people who cannot stand clutching an umbrella all the time, simply purchase one that is small enough to stash in your bag when folded.

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Apply Sunscreen

No matter if it’s skin cancer, premature skin aging or sunburn (or all) that you want to fend off, make sure that you apply a sunscreen with an SPF of not less than 30. The best time to smear sunscreen on your nose is about half an hour before stepping foot outside your home.

Try Zinc Oxide

Zinc oxide is the primary ingredient in sunscreens, and it’s something that you may purchase and apply on your nose for protection. These days, opaque zinc oxide is available, saving your nose from looking white.

But what should you do if your nose is already sunburned?

Well, make sure that you don’t scratch it. As your sunburned nose heals, it may feel terribly itchy, tempting you to scratch it. That’s a complete no-no because you may only break your skin.

It’s also a must for you to keep your nose well-hydrated to accelerate the healing process. A lot of women swear by the effectiveness of applying aloe vera gel up to three times a day. But if you have no easy access to aloe vera gel, you may simply use almond oil or coconut oil for keeping your nose hydrated.

Pricking a vitamin E capsule with a clean needle and applying a thin layer of the greasy substance within on your nose is also an effective way to attain faster healing.

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