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What Acupressure is All About

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In these times, we often turn to modern medicine to treat various ailments that we have. But sometimes, these medicines can do more harm than good especially because of the chemicals that they contain. Besides, taking medications all the time can build resistance, hence, we will require higher doses in the long run. Fortunately, there are still alternative treatments that you can turn such as in the case of acupressure, which has been around for ages.

What is Acupressure?

Acupressure can also treat the same issues as that of acupuncture. This is basically a bodywork therapy where it follows the channels or the meridian lines that are present in the body. The meridian lines are believed to be invisible lines that are the ones carrying the energy inside our body. When these lines become blocked, it triggers an imbalance in the body hence we suffer from various ailments.

This is commonly used in reflexology so that the nervous system will be activated. If you are going to look at reflexology, all the parts of our body, hands, ears, or even feet, have nerve endings which are connected to various organs. When these nerve endings are stimulated, they react the same way as that of the meridian lines in acupressure. The meridian lines, however, are not simply tied to one particular body system but rather as a whole.

Effects of Acupressure

There are three ways in which acupressure can affect the body and these are:


Doing acupressure regularly can help prevent various illnesses from occurring since you are keeping your meridian lines free from any obstruction. This way, there is less risk of you suffering from any illnesses.

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Another effect of doing acupressure is that it is good for diagnostics or for determining any ailments that you are feeling. When doing acupressure, you will find that it can provide relief from any pain that you are experiencing. It will also help you determine what ails you based on the pressure point that you are using.


Acupressure can also be used for its therapeutic effect which can actually enhance your overall health. If you are experiencing muscle pain or fatigue, acupressure can help provide you with relief. Those who are physically active will find that doing acupressure from time to time can help reduce any muscle tension, inflammation, and the like. 

We are all living in a world where stress is a constant factor in our lives. Although there are ways for us to minimize its effects, sometimes it can still get the best of us. Acupressure gives us an outlet for fighting the symptoms of stress such as headache, sore muscles, and fatigue just to name a few.

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