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A Brief Introduction to Carb Blockers for Weight Loss

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Eating carbohydrates such as bread, potato, pasta, rice and many other more have become almost as important as drinking water. We need this food group in our system in order for us to have the necessary energy or fuel to go about every day without feeling weak. It is what gives us energy to exercise, play sports, work, and think day by day. Without this, we will sorely slack the energy because this fuels our sustenance to the point of being able to act.
Carbohydrates are an essential food group. This is certain
as death and taxes. However, carbohydrates play a big role in getting a person on the plump side of things. In other words, carbohydrates are one of the biggest sources of body fat.
Most of the overweight people have certainly eaten their fair share of carbs. Some even abuse the required daily consumption of this food group. Why? It is a good mix with protein. From sandwiches to pasta as well as other dishes that serve protein and rice, carbohydrates are a delicious addition to a meal. Some
have abused eating this, which is why they tend to be overweight.
Carb blockers are supplements that people ingest in order
to control or suppress the carbohydrates that we consume on a daily basis. How it works is that carb blockers suppress the body’s ability to absorb the enzyme called Alpha Amylase and breaks down starches into simple sugars. Alpha Amylase is based from
white kidney beans and wheat germs, which prevents the breaking down of some starches which allows it to pass through our digestive systems without being absorbed and converted into fat. So the more carbs we digest simply does not get converted into fat. The carb blocker only allows us to produce the right
number of fat that we require to easily burn through exercise and diet.


The most promising study has been done by Mayo Clinic, who
found that you need to ingest twelve times the recommended amount of dosage by these carb blocker supplements just to be able to suppress the process of carbs turning into fat. Their studies did not show a tendency of losing weight.

Side Effects

Most supplements, if not all, contain side effects when ingested. This is a natural occurrence as these supplements contain many ingredients that are added to the natural digestion in the human system. Using carb blockers have some side effects that you should be aware of especially if you have a stomach condition or
blood condition such as diabetes.
Diabetes- Diabetics are not candidates to take carb blockers for they promote low blood sugar levels in the body. This is not beneficial for diabetics as they will surely experience light-headed and fainting episodes that may render them in a more critical condition of Diabetes. The San Francisco Diabetes Education
Online website reports that the supplement causes low blood sugar in diabetics caused by the inability of the body to retain sugar and should be avoid at all costs.
Stomach Distress- Ingesting carb blockers play a big role in risking stomach problems such as stomach viruses and flu’s as well as a heightened loose-bowel movement that may prove to be a hamper, as you will not be able to resume your daily duties of work and exercise. You may be handicapped from actually working as you will be in need of a toilet in your vicinity. This may prove to be a hamper to your daily routine. Side effects such as nausea, vomiting and diarrhea are examples of these distress effects in taking carb blockers.
Gassiness- The ingestion of these carb blockers can lead to problems in the body’s gas production, which causes an abnormal gas production. This will prove to be distressful as you may find yourself passing gas more frequently than normal. The desire to obtain a body that you have so desired for a while may come at a price if you choose to obtain through supplements and vitamins. You may be losing weight but your quality of life may be affected to a very uncomfortable state that you may find these complications getting worst through time. You may want to re-think how you want to achieve a thinner physique as these complications are a serious burden to deal with.
Perils- Taking carb blockers have its sets of red flags or dangers
that come with ingesting the supplement. For one- it reduces the body’s ability of absorbing vitamins A,D,E, K and beta carotenes which are essential body nutrients that we need to further our other bodily processes and functions. A good example of this
is that by taking carb blockers we hamper healthy skin, good vision, healthy bones, proper cell structure and providing antioxidants to combat free radicals that our bodies are susceptible to.
We must always take into consideration what elements we ingest as our bodies are affected when we take these supplements. Our health and well-being are what is most important. If we put our bodies and health at risk then our lives are then put in peril, which we do not need. We have a life to live and we should do it
the healthiest way possible in order to preserve our lives.
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