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How To Eat Right When You Have Migraine Here Are Tips

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Migraine is a headache disorder characterized by a recurrent string of headaches ranging from the moderate to severe. Dubbed as the 3rd most prevalent illness in the world, it affects up to 1 billion people worldwide, 38 million of which live in the United States.

Unless the migraine turns from episodic to chronic, most attacks can be caused by food triggers so you might want to watch how you eat.

Here are some tips on how you eat if you have a migraine:


Studies have related drinking alcohol (mostly red wine and dark liquors) to migraine attacks with one out of three people saying that alcohol is a migraine trigger.

Noah Rosen, MD, director of Cushing Neuroscience Institute’s Headache Center has this to say about the phenomenon: “People single out red wine or dark liquors, but unfortunately, any alcohol can be a trigger.”


Caffeinated Drinks

It is not really the caffeine that causes the attack but the lack of it. Skipping your morning coffee even just for a day can cause a caffeine withdrawal headache. Better be safe than sorry so do not drink coffee instead.


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Fresh Meat

 You can eat fresh beef, chicken, pork, fish or veal as long as it is store-bought and has not been seasoned by MSG. Make sure it has not  been injected with broth or tenderizer. Also do not use bread crumbs and barbecue sauce on it.


 Citrus Fruits

There has been no sufficient evidence that citrus fruits are absolute triggers for migraine yet but enough people have complained that they had a migraine after eating oranges, lemons or grapefruit for it to warrant including them in this list.

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Food with MSG

Studies show that MSG-rich food can cause migraines in up to 15 percent of people.


Cold Drinks and Frozen Desserts

Brain freeze caused by drinking and eating cold food and drinks can trigger a longer bout of migraine. So if you must eat, at least eat or drink slowly.


Some food triggers may also vary from person to person. For something to be considered a food trigger it must give you a headache within 12 to 24 hours of eating it and it must be consistent in causing the migraine in a streak of 20 to 30 migraine attacks.

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