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Stiletto Nail Designs to Try

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Women are becoming fancier with their nails these days thanks to the appearance of nail art, where the nails become an extension of one’s personality in a whole new way. Nail salons and nail artists are coming up with designs and styles that will make your nails stand out. Gone are the days when we are just sporting rounded, square, or oval nails because now you have more nail shapes to try out such as the stiletto nail. This nail shape gives you more area to design so if you are willing to go the extra mile with your stiletto nail, these designs are worth trying out.

Cat claws

With stiletto nails being long and pointy, you can never go wrong with wearing a cat claw design. Simple but bold, you only need to paint the edges of your nails with black nail polish to look like claws and you are done.

Periwinkle and silver

Another classy nail art to try for stiletto nails is to paint your nails with periwinkle nail polish then accessories your fingers with silver jewelry. You will definitely turn heads this way as the colors definitely catch one’s eyes.

Vividly Egyptian

Dazzle everyone with your new nail art by combining navy blue, powder pink, and magenta on your nails. Paint one nail each in these colors with one nail sporting sparkling gems. One nail should be painted white with the eye of Horus on it to really wrap up the Egyptian vibe.

Alien invasion

Do you dig sci-fi films and books? Show your inner geek with some fun alien invasion nail art on your stiletto nails. Paint three nails in white and use some black nail polish to create alien faces on them while the remaining nails should be painted in black. Use white and green nail polish to create an alien spaceship abducting a human or just passing by the galaxy.

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The color violet was once considered as the color of royalty and can only be worn by those in this league. Today, however, you can use this hue to strike up some elegance on your stiletto nails with matching white nails to sport the crown you’ve always wanted to wear. Don’t forget to add some sparkling jewels to your crown to complete the look.

Greyish black and antique silver

Give your nails that vampire feel by painting your nails with greyish black nail polish. Don’t forget to start with the base coat and end with the top coat to really seal in the deal. Accessorize your fingers with antique silver rings to really make your nail art stand out.

The silver lining

There is always a silver lining even in the darkest days so if you are going through a tumultuous event in your life or you want to remind yourself that there is light at the end of the tunnel, transform your nails in white with silver linings at the edges.

Black and gold

Black is always a stunner when it comes to nail polish but if you want to bring your nail art to a whole new level, add some gold glitter to two of your stiletto nails to make them pop out. You’ll never go wrong with this color combination as black can always go with whatever outfit you have in mind. 

These are just a few examples of stiletto nail designs that you can actually try out if you want to sport something fun, feisty, elegant, or classy. For sure, you will be turning heads in no time with these nail art ideas.

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