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Love Hair Straighteners? Check This Out

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The first ever hair straightener was invented in the 1870s by Marcel Grateau. It was basically a comb that used heating rods to straighten and style hair. From this version of the hair straighteners. A few dozen design changes followed, and we ended up with the standard flat iron or hair straightener. This
item has become a fashion must have for any women. This item has also become more accessible to men for their personal styling. Below are some simple tips, trick and uses to your hair straighteners.

Curl Your Hair

There are different ways to curl your hair with your flat iron. You can use the twisting motion, wrapping the hair around the straightener or diagonal twist the hair

Beachy Waves

Create Beachy waves the simple way! Start by sectioning your hair in four. Take a thin two inch section of your hair and place the iron near the roots and twist your hand. Pull your hair down while you push the hair straightener up. Move your iron down and repeat the steps but instead twist the iron the opposite direction and pulling the hair upward. Repeat these two steps until the end of your hair shaft. This will create a wave in your hair. Repeat the process in all of the sections.

Straightening Combs

One of the best items you can have for your flat iron is a straightening comb. This item can help give you a sleeker finish and reduce the appearance of cowlicks. This can also help make sure that you properly section each section. Make sure that when you purchase any type of comb for styling is heat resistant to
prevent it from melting.

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Thermal Brush

Use a thermal brush when ironing your roots to add more volume. Hold the thermal brush as you would when blow drying your hair in the crown and bangs area. Flat iron your hair using an upward motion to create more volume.

Clean It

Always clean your hair straightener. Left over hair product, grime and other material can damage your hair and straightener. You can clean your Iron with a soft cloth and rubbing alcohol. Leaving it as is can damage your straightener in the long run and can alter the final results of the iron.

Instant Krimper

You can instantly crimp your hair with your hair straightener. Create braids with a one inch section of your hair and run your flat iron through it. The heat will lock in the shape of the braid creating crimped out hair. You can also alter the size of the braid to create softer tighter krimps or loose waves.

Protect Your Straightener

Hair straighteners are easily damaged when not stored properly, especially when stored when it’s still hot. You can prevent damage by using a potholder. Simply place the pot holder in between the thongs of the straightener and wrap it tightly. This will prevent the ceramic (other material) edges from rubbing on each other. You can also sew in a lock to make storing easier.


The three areas that are prone to burn when we use any heating tool is our scalp, hands and ear. We can prevent burns in our hands by using a heat resistant gloves or purchase a straightener with a heat resistant cover. The only way you prevent burning your scalp is to avoid ironing close to your roots. When ironing near the roots use, fast and small sections. Protect your ears by
using some ear cuffs. You can purchase heat resistant ear cuffs in your local beauty shops.

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Hair Straightening Storage

The straightener can be a bit bulky and hard to store. This can be a really big hassle for people that have little to no space in their bathroom. You can store away your iron and have easy access to it by installing a heat resistant silicone holster or heat resistant rack under your sink.

Hair Straightener for Clothes

You’ve probably heard someone somewhere have used their clothes iron to straighten their hair when they were really in a pinch. This actually works, it can be a bit damaging to the hair, but it can surely straighten your hair. Though this can only straighten your hair away from your roots unless you want to
burn your scalp. This can also work vice versa. When you’re in a rush and have to iron your clothes while you’re out of the house, then consider using your hair straightener. The flat iron can work as a mini presser for your clothes. Take your collar and sleeves and use it as if you are ironing your hair, but try to match the heat level of your iron to the fabric of the clothes. This may take a long time to finish, but it’s better than nothing.

We hope that these simple tricks and tips help you get a better hang on using and understanding your hair straightener. Just remember that even though most hair straighteners are made to cause less damage in the hair, it doesn’t mean it is okay to use them every day. When planning to use make sure to use heat protectant spray or give your hair at least 2 days of no heat rest.

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