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Looking for Creative DIY Makeup Ideas? Check This Out.

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Women often deal with two makeup problems. Having too much or not having enough. There is a thing such as hoarding too much makeup that your bathroom sink starts to look like a makeup store.

There are also people that spend too little in their makeup that they end up using their only eyeshadow as contour powder, eyebrow filler and when you’re desperate enough your lipstick.
There are pros and cons to both of these types of makeup lovers. Excessive amounts and different variety of makeup can help give you different choices for your makeup. This can also guarantee that you get your desired look. A con to this is that it’s too much! You don’t have any space on your counter for all of your product and you get confused as to what product you should use. An often problem too is expiration, as soon as you open your makeup product; the timer starts to tick. So, telling yourself that it hasn’t expired, since you haven’t use it is not an excuse.

Not having enough makeup is the opposite, you’re the type of person that can finish any makeup product till the last swipe. This is great and can save you a lot of money and space, but this also limits your choices. Getting different looks require different products.

So, what is the solution to this common makeup problems? Let’s meet halfway and use this creative storage and DIY makeup tips.

Getting your makeup properly stored can prevent you from buying any more products and making it easier to identify all of them. Below are some quick makeup organizing tips that can help you get on your way.

  • Plant Pots – are a great way to organize your brushes and other makeup products. Plant pots can be a really deep and can make picking and finding your brushes a bit more difficult. So, putting in some decorative stone one fourth near the ream. The stones will help separate your brushes and makeup. This can help you see them a lot easier
  • Transparent Shoe Organizer – You know those shoe organizers that have transparent pockets? This can be a great organizer for your makeup. Shoe organizer has longer pockets that you can use to store bulky items and still be able to see them through the pockets. You can also use this to organize your lipsticks by shades to prevent you from looking for them. This is also a great way to label and separate makeup that  you’ve recently both and ones that are about to expire.
    You can put on a sticker outside of the pockets to see the details.Now, you’ll be able to identify make up that you can throw out or use immediately.
  • Magnetic Board – You can purchase a magnetic board and magnet in your local shops. Cover your magnetic board with a thin fabric or paper to add more drama to the organizer. You can attach another magnet at the back of your makeup. This will help attach your makeup to the board and keeping it away from the table and making it look neat and tidy.
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If you’re not someone that likes buying makeup, but likes putting them on, then you should create your own makeup. This gives you the liberty to create specific makeup for your every
need and save money along the way. Since this DIY recipe is easy to make, you can make a new batch every time you run out.

  • Eyeliner – Create your own all natural eyeliner by mixing 2 teaspoons of coconut oil, 4 teaspoon of aloe Vera and half a teaspoon of cocoa powder for brown and activated charcoal for black in a tight lid container and refrigerate. Use this the next day and refill when needed.
  • Natural lip and cheek tint – an easy recipe to create an all-natural lip and cheek tint is equal part distilled water, glycerin and beet powder. Mix them together and add more
    glycerin if you want it to become thicker. You can also alter the shade by mixing food coloring to the mixture

What do you think about this creative makeup ideas? Are you a m
akeup hoarder or a thrifty beauty
guru? Share with us some of your tips!

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