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How Lose Weight in Just 10 days!

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If you have been dying to have that slim figure for ages but repeatedly fail, here is one approach to weight loss that will help you to successfully achieve fitness and a whole lot more.

Here are three simple quizzes that will determine if you badly need a serious detox for a slimmer figure and a leaner physique.

1. The Diabetes Quiz

– Were you diagnosed with Diabetes Type 2

– Do you have belly fat?

– Do you have sudden cravings for sugar?

– Are you finding it extremely difficult to lose all the unwanted weight?

– Are your LDL or bad cholesterol levels high?

2. The Food Addiction Quiz

– Do you eat even when you don’t feel hungry?

– Do you experience sudden mood swings when you cut the amount of sugar you consume?

– Do you binge on sweet treats and desserts just so you can improve your mood?

3. The Toxicity Quiz

– Do you experience any of the following symptoms?

 Irritable bowl syndrome

Gas Muscle and joint pain

 Mood swings

 Allergy symptoms

 Bloating

 Irritated sinuses

If you answer to most questions across all three quizzes, then you are confirmed addicted to sweets. This is also the reason why you aren’t losing all those unwanted weight. Regardless of your physical activity and the intensity you put to all your workouts, you will never get a slim and lean figure with your sugar addiction. Here are some quick and effective tips to solve your problem once and for all:

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1. Go cold turkey

There’s really no way to cut down sugar consumption than going cold turkey. This means that you need to avoid all sugars, flours, and even artificial sweeteners to lose weight. The elimination of sugars will improve your metabolism and aid in faster, more effective weight loss.

2. Cut off the consumption of carbonated drinks and sugar-filled sodas

Health experts tell us that drinking sugary and sweet drinks is far worse than consuming starchy solid foods. This is due to the fact that sugar-filled liquids directly go to the liver, which is then converted into belly fat. Instead of drinking soda, try to increase your intake of green vegetable juices which not only have fewer sugars, but facilitate detoxification and weight loss too.

3. Increase protein intake

Instead of filling your hunger with starchy breakfast staples, try to replace your breakfast routine with consumption of protein-packed food items. A high-protein diet will curb your sugar cravings for a longer period of time. Prime examples of food items high in protein are fish, chicken, organic eggs, and protein shakes to name a few.

4.Use fat in the place of sugar

Instead of using sweets and sugars to increase your energy stores, why not replace them with health fats such as those found in avocados, olive oil, and Omega-3 fatty acids. They keep blood sugar levels in check and keep you full all day long.

5. Health food snacks

Instead of buying the usual unhealthy snacks, pack some health snacks with you wherever you go. Excellent snack options are nuts and fruits.

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If you want to lose weight and lose that belly fat, you may want to relax during stressful situations. Stress in general can hinder efficient metabolism and can wreak havoc when it comes to hormone production. Implement deep breathing exercises that will relieve you from stress.

7. Get enough sleep

Irregular sleeping patterns as well as lack of sleep can increase your sugar and carb cravings. This is due to the fact that your body will need more energy to sustain you during activities. You will find yourself binging on snacks that are filled with sugar and carbs. Sleep for 7 hours or more to bring back your metabolism to normal and for the cravings to stop altogether.

8. Stop the intake of gluten and dairy

Food items that contain gluten as well as dairy products induce inflammation. This condition then triggers the increase of blood sugar levels resulting in diabetes type 2.

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