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Detecting Deficiencies

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People that follow a well-balanced diet filled with whole foods and nutritious meals are getting more than the required amount of vitamins and minerals to keep their body functioning in tip top shape. Though, not all of us are given the chance to properly assess and create a meal plan for ourselves. We are usually stuck into eating the foods that are in front of us. May it be fast food or the quickest go to meal.

This type of eating habits applies to most people in the world. Not
following a nutrition plan usually causes us to be deficient in vitamins and minerals. Besides eating there are other factor that can cause deficiencies such as health conditions, age and your body’s ability to take in nutrition from food. The way you prepare food, how long it was stored and so on can also affect the nutritional values of the ingredients of your meal.

Nutrient deficiencies can be lead to serious health risk. Though, we usually find out too late and you have been deficient for a long while. Deficiencies can sneak up unnoticed and it takes your body a while to notice the side effects.

Thankfully, there are tiny symptoms that can show you your deficiencies. Below are signs that your body is signaling you about your deficiencies.


Has anyone ever told you that you have cold hands? Well, this can be an indicator of magnesium deficiency, chronic fatigue with low cardiac output and hypothyroidism. You can acquire magnesium from food such as avocados, dark chocolate and leafy greens. Hypothyroidism can cause you to be susceptible to low temperature. If you get cold way too easily than others, then you should get your thyroid hormone checked.

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The physical appearance of your nails can indicate a lot of deficiencies. White spots in your nails can mean that your body needs more zinc. Spotting ridges on them can also indicate low zinc levels. Brittle nails or soft nails can indicate magnesium deficiency. Bitten nails or breaking nails can mean general
deficiency. Though, you have to take into account the health of your nails. If you tend to apply too much nail polish, then this can be just a sign that your nails are damaged.


Stretch marks that tend to be more visible than usual can indicate zinc deficiency. You can take note of this when you see that your stretch mark tend to appear whiter or redder than usual. Follicular
hyperkeratosis or excessive development of Keratin in the hair, creating elevated pustules can indicate a vitamin A deficiency. Spontaneous bleeding can indicate vitamin C, vitamin K or platelet deficiency. Dry and scaly skin can indicate vitamin C deficiency. Hair follicles that tend to be coiled, distorted and plugged with hair and having a red halo can also indicate vitamin C deficiency. Yellow palms can indicate excessive amounts of beta carotene in the body. Chicken skin can indicate lack of essential fatty acids.


Pale and fissured tongue can indicate iron deficiency. Cracked, sore and painful tongue can indicate vitamin B3 deficiency. The burning lips and tongue sensation, and at times, peeling lips can indicate vitamin B2 deficiency. Lateral teeth indentations and a swollen tongue can indicate food intolerance. Smooth yet sore tongues can indicate folic acid deficiency. Cracked lips can be caused by vitamin B2 deficiency.

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Greasy and reddish scaly skin on the cheeks and facial area can indicate vitamin B2 deficiency.


Bags or dark rings that don’t go away can be caused by allergies or food intolerance. Blue eyes and gray hair can indicate vitamin b12 deficiency in teenagers and adults.


Swelling of the throat can be caused by hypothyroidism or iodine deficiency.

Vitamins and nutrients help our mind and body from functioning properly. A healthy diet can surely, give you all your nutritional needs. Though, we know how difficult it can be to maintain a healthy lifestyle. Knowing these signs can help you detect the nutritional deficiency early on can help you fight them. This can help you pick out which foods you need to add to your dietor supplements you can take. Though
knowing the symptoms are much better signs.

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