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Kick-start Your Late Period

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Periods are bothersome, but it can be a lot more bothersome if it doesn’t arrive on time. We tend to stress out whenever our periods happen late, even if we are sure that there is no chance of pregnancy. This is mostly because of its effects on our monthly cycles. Late periods often cause mood swings and discomfort of pre-menstrual cramps; and for some people becomes more intense when the period appears late. For people that have regular late periods, you know how irritating it can be when it appears suddenly.

You may ask yourself, is there something I can do to help make my period come earlier or at least on time? The simple answer is Yes! You don’t have to wait helplessly for your period to come. You can easily kick start your period as soon as you feel your premenstrual symptoms. We’ve compiled some smart tricks you can do at home that are safe and easy to do. Read on to find out more!

A Hot Bath

One of the first methods you can use to help kick start your period is a hot bath. One thing that can affect your period is stress. It can cause your period to come late and cause menstrual cramps to become more painful. De-stressing yourself with a hot warm bath can help induce periods. The heat from the water can also help soften up the cervix that can help bring menstruation. Soaking for a few minutes a day can also reduce pre-menstrual cramps. An important part of these methods is de-stressing. If you have other alternatives to reduce stress, such as listening to music or yoga, go ahead.

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Birth Control Pill

If you are already on the pill, you can use it to manipulate your period. You can control when you get your period and when you won’t. Placebo pills can help make you get your period sooner. If you want to completely skip your period, you can take hormonal pills instead of placebo pills on your designated date. However, playing around with this too much can affect your regular monthly cycle. If you have not used birth control before, consult your doctor about this method.

Parsley Tea

Emmenagogues herbs can help stimulate blood flow in the uterus and pelvis. Drinking these types of herbs can help make induce your period. This is a safe and natural way to bring on your period. Other emmenagogues herbs are yarrow, sage, rosemary and ginger. It is ideal to drink at a maximum of four cups a day and do not exceed this. Drink this throughout the day.

Spot Jogging

Exercising can help encourage your period. One of the best methods you can use is running and spot jogging. The motion can help get your period quickly. Spot jogging on a particular spot for 10 to 15 minutes is said to help soften the cervix.

Sexual Intercourse

Intercourse can help reduce pre-menstrual cramps and can also help induce menstruation. The stimulation can improve the blood flow in the pelvic area. This then causes the vagina to relax, hence triggering the shedding in the uterus lining. This can help induce your late period. There are also studies that show the effect of semen on the cervix. Semen can help soften the cervix and kick start your period. Though, this method should only be used by couples that are tested and is using birth control. If you are not in a relationship, self-pleasuring can also help with late periods.

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Tropical Juices

Orange and papaya juice and other tropical fruits can help increase body temperature to rise, which can help with menstruation. This helps soften the cervix and shedding. Vitamin C is also known to trigger menstruation. This is a convenient method that you can do a few times a day. You can also consume these tropical fruits.

These methods or tips are not a guaranteed answer to your late period. There can be a lot of factors that are causing problems with your monthly cycle. There are certain medication and hormonal issues that can be affecting your body chemistry. So, check on this with your trusted medical professional. There are also people that are more suited for one method than the others. Try out which ones work best for you. However, if you are usually a day or two late – this is completely normal. Only use these methods if you feel like in a pinch.

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