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Drink This Before Bedtime to Flatten Your Belly

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Frustrated that your belly fat doesn’t seem to want to go away no matter what you do? Then you are reading an article that can help put an end to your disappointment. Below you will come across a simple recipe for making a beverage that can promote the flattening of your stomach if it’s consumed before you hop into bed.

If you have family members and friends who constantly complain of having stubborn bulging abdomens, post this article on your various social media sites.

Having excess fat in the midsection is a problem shared by a lot of men and women. Aside from being very unflattering, a protruding stomach is also unhealthy. Doctors say that the presence of too much fatty tissue in the abdominal area can increase a person’s risk of so many diseases, many of which can be serious.

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Another problem with belly fat is it’s the kind of fat that is extremely challenging to get rid of. It’s exactly for this reason why you often come across people with slim arms and legs, but with stomachs sticking out.

If you are frustrated that your everyday exercising and consumption of healthy foods do not seem to make your stomach flat, then it’s a good idea to consume a certain type of beverage that is proven to help speed up the elimination of too much fat in the abdominal region, allowing you to have the kind of figure you like to have in no time.

What’s so nice about this nighttime beverage that can help flatten your tummy is the fact that it’s 100 percent natural, and you can easily tell that by checking out the list of ingredients in the recipe below.

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1 medium-sized cucumber 

1 bunch of parsley 

1/3 cup of water 

1/2 medium-sized organic lemon 

1 teaspoon of grated fresh ginger root


-Thoroughly wash cucumber and parsley under running water. 

-Plug in your juicer and start juicing cucumber and parsley. 

-Don’t have a juicer? No worries because you just have to chop up cucumber and parsley very finely and toss them in the blender. 

-Add water, the juice of half a lemon and grated fresh ginger root. Stir very well. 

-Consume just before hitting the hay.

That’s it. Do this on a nightly basis before you take a trip to dreamland and in no time you will be sporting a more flattering midsection.

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Unlike the intake of weight loss pills, the nightly consumption of this belly fat-busting beverage is it’s entirely safe. With no unfavorable ingredients present, you can have peace of mind that you are not ingesting anything that can potentially harm your health, which is the case if you choose to rely on some of today’s weight loss pills.

To make this bedtime beverage deliver, still it’s important for you to have a regular exercise regimen. Of course it will also help a lot if you opt for a healthier eating habit.

After about a month of drinking this beverage each time you catch some Z’s, come back to this page. Share in the comments section below the results!

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