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Health and Beauty Benefits of Sage

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Although a lot of people refer to it as the common sage, there is in fact nothing ordinary about sage. A part of the mint family of herbs just like basil, oregano and thyme, it’s not just something that adds a hint of woody flavor to all sorts of meat dishes — sage also offers an impressive array of health and beauty benefits!

So without further ado, let us take a quick look at some of the perks that sage is known to provide:


Improved Digestion

The consumption of sage tea has long been done by those who are suffering from indigestion. It’s also an excellent home remedy for dyspepsia since the beverage helps stimulate the functioning of the GI tract.


Relieved Sore Throat

You can whip up an oral rinse that is powerful enough to soothe a painful and inflamed throat. All you have to do is add a pinch or two of dried sage in a cup of hot water and allow it to cool for several minutes. Gargle with it once already lukewarm. The anti-inflammatory as well as antimicrobial properties of the said infusion can help you attain relief from the symptoms of a sore throat and bounce back from it quickly.


Soothed Inflamed Gums

Gargling with the same infusion is a great idea if your gums are swollen. It’s also an excellent solution for various other oral issues, such as bad breath and canker sores.


Strengthened Bones

There are all sorts of nutrients found in sage, and one of them is vitamin K. Did you know that the said vitamin is very good at keeping your bones strong? That’s because vitamin K helps keep calcium in your bones from leaching into your bloodstream. Due to this, your risk of fractures and osteoporosis can be reduced.

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Boosted Immunity

Not only are soups and stews with sage in them perfect for the cold season, but also help reduce your odds of having the common cold and flu, both of which are rampant this time of the year. Why? That’s because sage packs powerful antioxidants that help bolster your body’s very own defenses!


Decreased Depression

Want to have your mood lifted effectively and drug-free? Prepare yourself a cup of freshly-brewed sage tea and then slowly consume — its smell and certain active compounds are known to control depression naturally.


Reduced Inflammation

Thanks to the splendid anti-inflammatory properties of sage, this well-known herb can be used in the management of many different health problems that have something to do with inflammation. For instance, traditional healers employ the herb in dealing with painful and swollen joints. Many also count on it to attain relief from asthma. There are many other inflammatory health issues out there that may be controlled with the help of sage!


Stabilized Blood Sugar Levels

Numerous studies show that sage oils and extracts can help in keeping spikes in blood sugar at bay, making them ideal for diabetics. But you don’t really have to get your hands on those expensive oils and extracts — something as simple as enjoying sage-containing dishes can help keep your blood sugar levels stable.


Controlled Sweating

Do you perspire a lot? According to experts, you may consume sage tea or infusion to help cut your sweating by as much as 50 percent. Also, you may use it topically as antiperspirant slash deodorizer.

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Eased Various Skin Conditions

Because of the ability of sage to control inflammation, it can be used for the effective treatment of various inflammatory skin conditions such as psoriasis and eczema, particularly if the herb is employed in tincture or oil form. A lot of individuals also swear by its effectiveness in relieving acne.


Improved Scars

The same sage tincture or oil may be used for erasing dark scars left behind by trauma or skin disorders. Many can attest to its superb ability to reduce the nasty appearance of keloid scars!

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