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Job Interview Hair

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Finally, after sending out dozens of your resume, you get the call. You receive the call for your interview. This is the interview that you’ve been waiting for and your anxiety is getting the best of you. You memorize a spiel in your head. How to introduce yourself, how to sell your experience and education and how to make a good impression. Everything is set and ready. Now, you have to worry about what you look like.

They say that the first 2 minutes of meeting someone can determine if you will leave a good or bad impression. The first two seconds or first glance can also say a lot about who you are as a person. Your body language and how you present yourself is important in the first few seconds of an interview. A person that tends to cross their legs and their arms during an interview feel either reserve or aggressive. A person that looks unkempt and uncaring may appear unprofessional and lazy.

So, what should you wear on your interview? The attire is a pretty obvious, keep everything professional. No, short skirts, cleavage, casual tops and jeans. Makeup should be neat and professional. The hair needs to be clean but comfortable.

After our face, the hair is the next thing the interviewer sees. You want to look polished and professional, but not overdone. Below are some famous job interview hair you can try on your interview.

The Sleek Pony Tail

One of the best hairstyles for job interviews are sleek ponytails. It keeps the hair away from your face and make you appear professional and powerful. This will also prevent you from playing with your hair. This will make your face appear brighter and more focused. Create a sleek ponytail with an elastic band, Hairspray, smoothing brush and a regular brush. Brush your hair and remove the tangles. Brush your hair into a ponytail and tie it in a tight. Apply Hairspray all over your hair and take your smoothing brush and smoothing out your hair.

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Top Knot

The top knot is a great way to style your hair for an interview. You appear relaxed and carefree, but still look professional. This hairstyle is great for first meetings. It gives a more approachable feel. All you need to create this look is a smoothing brush, Bobby pins, comb and Hairspray. Perform the same steps you would with the sleek pony tail, but this time take your pony and create a loose knot with it. Press your knot against your hair band and secure it with Bobby pins. Clean the knot by applying Hairspray and smoothing it out.


Curls are a great way to amp up your look without doing too much. This will also add some style to your look. Curls will also make you appear more presentable and prepared for the interview. You can curl your hair in any way you want. Just make sure it appears neat. Avoid using waves or messy curls.

Silky Straight/ Blown Out Straight

Silky straight hair is great in creating a polished and professional look. You can sport your hair down and create more volume to your hair if you’re not someone that fidgets with their hair a lot. Parting your hair, combing it every few seconds or twirling it in your hand. These movements can make you appear nervous or unprepared. You can go to a professional salon to get your hair blown out. If you want to sport something more sleek. Flat iron your hair and pick the right part and secure it with Hairspray.

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Half Up-Do’s

Half Up-do hairstyles are great for casual interviews. It makes the face appear approachable, but professional at the same time. You can sport a simple half up-do with straight hair or curled hair. Keep your half pony clean and secure your fly away with hairsprays. If you have bangs, blow dry it to shape it or keep it away from your face by twisting it and securing it with a Bobby pin.

Be yourself. How you look is important, but completely changing your appearance for a job is not ideal. You can show off your personality with what you wear and how you do your hair. Remember that the interviewer doesn’t know you. She/he only knows you on paper. What they see can change their perception of you. Don’t wear anything that is distracting because you want the employer to focus on you.

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