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How to Manage Gout Related Symptoms

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Gout used to be dubbed as the disease of king. People have been confused for a long time and have incorrectly linked overindulgence in food and wine to the development of gout. This is but a myth as Gout can affect anyone regardless of age, gender, race, and economic status. This medical condition afflicts excruciating pain to victims, and can lead to more serious conditions if left untreated.

The good news is that there is wide variety of medications and interventions that can reduce the very painful attacks of gout. Combined with a healthy, balanced diet and regular exercise, gout sufferers need not worry about frequent gout attacks again. There are gout supplements that offer pain relief and reduced inflammation. These supplements are readily available online or at your nearest neighborhood pharmacies.Read on and find out how you can end the painful spell of Gout with gout supplements.

Fast Facts about Gout

– The base of the big toe is usually the first body part attacked by gout.

– During and after painful gout attacks, the peel over the affected joint turns red and show signs of skin peeling

– The treatments and supplements that are indicted for people with gouty arthritis vary from person to person

– Reducing alcohol intake, and the consumption of fish and meats are preventive measures to reduce the incidence of flare ups

– In serious cases, patients are prescribed with medications that can lower increased uric acid levels, which is the main factor of developing gout.

Just like any other form of arthritis, gout is a painful and potentially disabling condition that affects the joints. It features distinct symptoms such as excruciating episodes of pain and inflammation of the joints, specifically those of the big toe and the rest of the lower extremities.

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It is a fact that treatment regimen for gout differs from each person. Management and prevention however is different. Individuals plagued with gout can use powerful dietary supplements that can reduce the incidence of gout and control the symptoms altogether.

Gout Causes

Gout is the result of increased uric acid levels in the bloodstream. Once the urate or uric acid goes above its normal levels, it collects inside joint cavities and transforms into grit-like crystal deposits.

There are two conditions as to why uric acid increased beyond its normal blood concentration:

– Too much intake of food items and drinks saturated with purine -Reduced kidney function as they are unable to remove uric acid via urine

Food items that are known to feature high purine concentration are the following:

– Shellfish

– Red meat

– Increased alcohol intake

– Sugar-filled drinks such as those high in fructose

Some medications are also known to have high purine concentration:

– Aspirin

– Diuretics

– Immunosuppressants

The accumulation of uric acid in and around the joints eventually form into crystals. The crystals on the other hand attracts white blood cells into the affected site, thus leading to inflammation, redness, and painful gout attacks that can impair the ability of victims to lead normal lives.

Other sites of urate crystal deposits are in along the urinary tract causing painful kidney stones.

Who are more likely to suffer from Gout?

There are more than 3 million Americans diagnosed and treated for Gout. This condition most often plagues men than women in general. Post-menopausal women have increased risk of developing gout as well. Those with existing kidney disease are more prone to developing the symptoms and complications of gout if left untreated.

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Moreover, people who are overweight or obese have higher chances of developing gout due too unhealthy eating habits. Hypertensive individuals, those suffering from high triglyceride levels, and diabetics are some of the groups that can potentially suffer from the painful wrath of gout as well.

An Overview on Gout Supplements

All-natural dietary supplement that specifically target symptoms associated with gout provide relief like no other. Unlike prescription medication, supplements only feature benefits that prevent and alleviate the symptoms of gout, but not treat the cause of gout per se. Gout supplements help reduce uric acid levels which results in the alleviation of pain, swelling, and inflammation associated with gout attacks.

People who have long been suffering from gout understands how painful flare ups or attacks can be. There are of course medications that can reduce the intensity and incidence of gout attacks. The only problem with these treatments is that they can potentially weaken kidney function. Due to the strong ingredients of such medications, users may potentially suffer from more serious illnesses.

The good news is that there are more natural solutions that you can utilize to reduce flare ups and attacks. This is a better alternative to preventing attacks as natural treatments work with no side effects.

Companies that manufacture gout supplements claim that they can significantly decrease the incidence and intensity of inflammation among gout victims. Natural dietary supplements are said to improve overall function of the body to metabolize purine. With enhanced ability to breakdown urine, increased uric acid levels can be prevented altogether. Yet another claim is that gout supplements can reduce the chances of urate or uric acid developing into crystals that build up in and around joints Lastly, gout supplements were engineered to enhance the functioning of the kidney in the excretion or removal of uric acid.

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All-natural supplements remove the cause of painful gout attacks for prolonged periods of time. This means that gout victims can enjoy prolonged periods of wellness without having to deal with pain and inflammation. It is the mission of dietary gout supplements to offer a better way of life among its users.

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