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End your Stress and Fatigue with these Helpful Tips

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Adrenal fatigue is a syndrome that affects millions of Americans. Modern society has brought stress alongside its innovations and technological breakthroughs. Despite the significant increase in the number of people diagnosed with adrenal fatigue or adrenal apathy, the medical field has yet to recognize it as an illness or disease. This is due to the fact that symptoms related to adrenal fatigue vary from case to case, thus there are no solid, scientific evidence that can back up this concept. Despite this, adrenal fatigue is in fact a condition that cripples one’s ability to function optimally.

Fortunately, there are products that help sufferers manage adrenal fatigue. Besides maintaining proper diet, exercise, and relexation techniques, it is imperative to incorporate the use of supplements to target adrenal fatigue right before its symptoms break out. Adrenal fatigue supplements do not cure the condition itself, but helps in reducing its attack and alleviate symptoms, thus making it easy for its users to lead a happy and stress free lifestyle.

What is Adrenal Fatigue?

Almost all of us will suffer from adrenal fatigue at least once in our lifetime. The cause of adrenal fatigue is multi-factorial in that a variety of factors or a combination of factors can result in adrenal fatigue. Stress from illness, personal crises, economic and financial hardships are just some of the many triggers of adrenal fatigue.

Adrenal fatigue does not choose its victims. Individuals of any age, race, gender, or economic status can be afflicted with this condition. Even the healthiest of individuals enjoying normal sleeping patterns, a healthy diet, and living in a stress-free environment will be plagued with adrenal fatigue at one point in time. It is a syndrome that affects us mainly due to the stress that is inevitable in daily life.

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The Adrenal Glands

The adrenal glands are located on top of the kidney. They are a part of the endocrine system and are responsible for secreting hormones that regulate many biochemical processes such as blood pressure regulation, fluid balance, and a whole lot more. It also play a huge role in stress management. Based on thousands of studies conducted to find out the relationship between adrenal fatigue and stress, the adrenals suffer from fatigue due to prolonged periods of stress. The adrenal glands has the right set of mechanisms to manage stress. However this is the case, exposure to stress for a long period of time results in
adrenal exhaustion. This means that the adrenals stop functioning properly as evidenced by inadequacy in the production of its hormones.

Adrenal fatigue is a syndrome which means it is a collection of signs and symptoms that develops once the adrenal glands stop working properly. Although people suffering from adrenal fatigue may look normal on the outside, they suffer from a general sense of tiredness or exhaustion.

If left untreated, adrenal fatigue lead to hormonal imbalances that trigger the development of more serious medical conditions. It is due to this fact that pharmaceutical and wellness companies have developed supplements to fight off adrenal fatigue by way of stress management.

There is a very large industry that focuses its efforts on alleviating stress. Stress not only results in adrenal fatigue, but also a manifestation of the following symptoms:

– General feeling of tiredness

– Sleepiness during the day

– Food cravings

– The need to take stimulants such as caffeinated drinks to get through the day

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– Low blood pressure

– Hair loss

– Slow recovery from illness

– Body aches and pain

– Poor concentration

– Weight loss

– Sleeplessness

Thankfully, there are supplements that can fight off the symptoms and also assist adrenal healing. You can end stressing about what medication to take as dietary supplements can help you in effectively managing symptoms without the nasty side effects.

Adrenal dietary supplements were formulated to address the symptoms related to adrenal fatigue. They effectively manage stress with the use of ingredients that nourish the adrenals. They also supply extra energy, which aid the adrenals in combating stress on a daily basis.

Dietary supplements offer the most natural way to fight off stress-related fatigue.

When the adrenal glands are fatigued, it stops its normal functioning. Its ability to release hormones that balance stress is disrupted, thus leading to the

development of adrenal fatigue symptoms. Adrenal supplements feature energizing stress formulations that nourish the adrenals with essential nutrients which allow it to alleviate the feeling of exhaustion and avoid the incidence of burnouts.

Other functions of supplements:

  • Support adrenal gland form and function by maintaining healthy cortisol levels
  • Most supplements contain predigested adrenal extract that facilitates superior absorption of nutrients
  • They give out extra energy so you can keep up during stressful days

Some of the most common ingredients found in supplements developed to fight adrenal fatigue are:

  • Vitamin C from
  • Vitamin B6 or Pyridoxine
  • Vitamin B5 or Panthotenic Acid
  • Adrenal Polypeptide Fractions
  • Betaine
  • L-Tyrosine
  • Licorice
  • Adrenal Cortex Extract
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The formulation usually comes from natural sources and makes it possible for supplements to be highly bioavailable in easy to prepare powder or tablet form.

When taking supplements, caution should be observed among pregnant and lactating women as some of the ingredients may cause allergic reactions and mild side effects. It is best to check in with a health care professional prior to taking any adrenal supplements.

Lastly bear in mind that supplements are not the primary treatment for adrenal fatigue. This means that users still need to adapt to healthy lifestyle changes to successfully manage stress and adrenal fatigue. Apart from a healthy balanced diet, consumers are also advised to exercise regularly and follow non-pharmacological approaches to fight off stress such as relaxation, deep breathing, meditation, and yoga to name a few.

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