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Castor Oil: That Bitter Yellow Stuff that Does Everything

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…except for tasting good haha, but seriously consider it’s wonderful superfood benefits. It’s one of those oils that are a must have in your cooking and cosmetic oil pantry. It has a crazy amount of nutrients and benefits containing lots of vitamin E, proteins and running down a more medical route in cosmetology- antibacterial and anti-fungal properties. Castor oil has triglyceride of a fatty acid containing mostly ricinoleic acid, a nutrient that is the key in the wonderful healing properties of this plant fat. Ricinoleic acid is proven to be effective in busting bacteria, viruses, harmful fungi and yeast infections. This is a big deal because a lot of medicines can’t get rid of fungi or viruses.

It was originally used as an oral laxative and can still be one today. It’s also used with pills given to recovering heroin addicts because of its lubricating effects and digestive properties. You must be well-versed with the poisonous properties of castor oil if you are planning to harvest the actual plant, the poison is in the pulp and seeds but the extracted oil is perfectly non-toxic.

It is indeed a miracle product boasting multi-faceted and seemingly endless benefits down to more serious medical ailments. Eases the stomach, ideal for skin ailments, rheumatoid arthritis pain reliever, pest repellent and even hair growing! It aids in lubricating machinery and metal tools too. Massaging pretty liberal amounts of castor oil on corns, calluses, warts, cysts and itchy skin conditions really sizes them down and soothes any discomfort, remember to leave the oil on your skin for as long as possible, at least half an hour. Since it’s also an anti-inflammatory taking it orally along with rubbing on your aches and pains will make you feel more alive. It’s as if it existed to make you more comfortable.

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It even helps rid of ringworm and soothes sprains. It’s loaded with Omega 9 fatty acids which are a group of monosaturated fats that have double Oxygen bonds on the 9th node or position on its molecular structure. This fat is found in canola and nut oils and is key to hair regrowth. Put away that Rogaine and just massage enough into your scalp to lightly cover it, massage with love and prayer as well. Omega-9 is produced by the body but also beneficial when obtained in food. It also reduces heart disease or heart disease-related symptoms along with diabetes, what a great bonus for just trying to grow your hair back! But of course this is much more effective if swallowed.

It’s medical and cosmetic, never mind the bitter taste right? It’s worth it to get at least a small bottle to try it out. Ailing skin gets healed faster while okay or healthy skin becomes a lot more moist, strong and vibrant. It won’t really help you lose weight but it helps give energy and healing for working out. And since it is a safe and natural, oil-based laxative it will make you feel lighter, less sickly and on your toes. It regrows all kinds of hair and works on the eyebrows and eyelashes just the same, perfect for people with sparse strands in these areas.

Another fun castor oil fact is rubbing it on your belly greatly aids in alleviating gas, especially for wee little infants having a difficult time. It even fights insomnia even when not ingested. Don’t get any oil in your eyes but rubbing castor oil on your lids will make your eyes brighter and less tired the next day, make you sleep better and even soothe headaches. For more headache ease, rub some on the temples and across the forehead, even the nape, throw the whole scalp in even! Thicker hair, better health and prettier eyes for all.

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