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Signs That Your Body Could Use Some Detoxification

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There are so many different ways to detoxify the body, from the inclusion of certain herbs in the diet to the consumption of special juices. However, this article will not focus on those. Instead, we will discuss some of the telltale signs that your body could actually use some of those numerous detoxifying procedures.

Without further ado, here are some indicators that your body is screaming to be cleansed:

Inability to Have a Good Night’s Sleep

Poisonous substances coursing through your bloodstream can keep you from having long and quality sleep at night. No matter which all-natural home remedies for insomnia you try, it seems like sleeplessness is always going for the win. Since sleep deprivation is a bad thing, you can expect more problems to show up.

Always Feeling Weak and Sluggish

There are a couple of reasons why lethargy is usually a sign that too much toxins have accumulated within. First, your poisoned blood becomes inefficient in delivering oxygen and nutrients to the various tissues and organs of yours. Second, lethargy is a very common side effect of not having a good night’s sleep.

Various Muscle and Joint Aches and Pains

Because of toxin accumulation, your blood also fails to supply much-needed oxygen to your muscles and joints. What’s more, it also becomes unsuccessful in removing waste products in those areas of the body. As a result, your muscles and joints become inflamed, and this can leave them feeling sore and achy.

Failure to Concentrate or Focus

One of the hard-to-overlook indicators that your body requires some detoxification is poor mental functioning. There is no denying that poisonous substances in the bloodstream can keep your brain from working optimally. Certainly, it’s not just your health that can be affected by toxins, but also your functioning in the workplace.

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Disagreeable Smell Coming From the Body

Did you know that your skin is the largest organ that you have in general? And did you know that it’s considered as an organ of elimination? This is exactly the reason why you tend to have body odor if there are tons of toxins within because your skin is trying its best to get rid as much of them as it can.

Emergence of Various Skin Problems

Because so many of those toxic substances within are forced out of the skin, it’s not unlikely for you to encounter all sorts of beauty nightmares. For instance, pimples and acne may show up on your face and elsewhere on your body. Fungal infections, eczema, psoriasis and so many others may be encountered as well.

Objectionable Odor From the Mouth

Frustrated that no amount of toothpaste, mouthwash or gum can make your breath smelling pleasant? It can be a sign that there are toxins within you that are waiting to be flushed out. Just think of your body as a dumpster: the more garbage that it has and the longer its left crammed, the smellier it gets.

Unstoppable Gaining of Pounds

There are many things that can be blamed for weight gain — an unhealthy diet, a sluggish metabolism, lack of exercise, etc. However, there is another cause that is often overlooked, and that is toxin accumulation. Since your body is a host to all sorts of poisonous substances, it wreaks havoc to the hormones and causes weight gain.

Indigestion and Many Other GI Tract Issues

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Your entire gastrointestinal (GI) tract is susceptible to collecting poisonous substances, and this is why many different issues with it may be encountered if the body is not properly detoxified. Indigestion is something that can become common. You may also experience diarrhea, constipation and flatulence.

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