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Lower Cholesterol Levels with these Healthy Foods

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Hyperlipidemia is a condition wherein lipids, the fat in your blood are at unusually high. Genetics can make one slightly more susceptible to hypertension or high cholesterol but it is all about your personal choices.

Lipoproteins and lipids jacking up your blood can cause many cardio and overall health-related issues, this condition is asking for a stroke.Hyperlipidemia is just a fancy term for high blood cholesterol which is controllable with exercise and dieting. Medication is unnecessary and can make things worse, a healthy and full diet along with an exercise routine is cheap that’s why medical companies want to make money off prescribed drugs. The truth is some people are prone to gaining weight and some are not, some people are fairly slim but have a high blood fat count. Either way it is under your control, even if you easily gain weight there is no real excuse on why you should not have lowered blood pressure and fat count with all the healthy options around.

Confusing prescription drugs and seemingly unnecessary clinical methods are nothing compared to switching to a diet of nutrient-rich foods, preferably having at least two or three superfood items.

Here is a list of some fantastic food items and tips that lower fat and cholesterol.

1. Avocados

Very high in the good type of fat and amazingly versatile. It can even successfully replace butter in baked goods and is done so in vegan recipes a lot. They usually make you crave Mexican which becomes a healthy cuisine when you control or eliminate the lard ad other animal fat content. Dips made with avocado do not need mayonnaise and packs a lot of good flavour with the right spices.

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2. Olive Oil

Rich in oleic acid a fatty acid helps lower bad cholesterol thus lowering cardiovascular diseases and protection from high-density lipoproteins that tend to build up in the vessels when one is not careful.Olives and the rest of the plant is a wonderful source of health and nutrients. Olive oil can go in desserts instead of a lot of butter or a healthy nut oil.

3. Salmon

Contains Omega-3 fatty acids, a lipid that is an angel. Remember your body needs cholesterol for balance, especially the good cholesterol and a lot of these items are surprisingly deliciously rich yet guilt-free.Oily fish have good fat and I personally find that kind of buttery of-the-sea flavour satisfying and comforting.

4. Wine

A glass or two of wine a day for the ones sensitive to alcohol can greatly lower stress and free up your heart in the sense that is eliminates free radicals. Wine has an antioxidant pantry that lowers heart attack risks and is also good for the digestive tract. Make sure you don’t go for very cheap wine and you don’t overdrink. Also if you are treating yourself to more wine make up for it in collagen and good fat-rich foods to also moisturize your skin.

5. Nuts

high in protein and fatty acids that are good for you. They don’t have that much fibre and depending on the nut can be amazingly rich that it is like butter. Watch out for macadamias and cashews because they are too fatty. Almonds, pistachios, peanuts and pine nuts are some healthy examples.

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6. Soy

Beware males, soy can lower testosterone when over consumed. One of the kings of versatility in the food world that make up one of the most popular food items we all know and love. So low calorie, light and nutritious and goes with a lot of flavours. Soft, neutral tasting tofu can even be used in desserts with dark sugar syrup or honey.

7. Tomatoes

High in lycopene which is a phytochemical that helps lower risk of heart diseases by 10-17% Great with avocados or basil or cheese or eggs or sausage..but you keep forgetting that it is there. Tomatoes need more love because they love you.

8. Water!

It is terrifying that people forget to drink water and something that is basically free and vital is taken for granted. Drink water instead of other drinks as much as possible, a lot of weight gain comes from drink products.

9. Green Tea

One of the world’s most popular flavours and detoxifiers. Tea is wonderful, brewed organic coffee is as healthy too but tea is recommended more for the ones who don’t want to give their heart much of a jolt.

10. Garlic

Even half a clove of raw garlic a day lowers cholesterol at a whopping 8-12% Raw vegetables mixed with not-super cooked vegetables are a great diet component as it keeps the veggie taste interesting as well. Garlic is one of the healthiest foods in the world and the tastiest, if you can’t handle raw garlic then cook it a bit ad eat more cloves.

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