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Natural Treatment for Restless Leg Syndrome

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Willis-Ekbom Disease also known as Restless leg syndrome (RLS) is a neurological disorder that affects the lives of millions of people more in western countries than in Asian countries. People that experience symptoms from RLS often starts with sensations in the legs and lower body, then followed by sometimes pain, aches, and particularly with RLS, your legs might feel restless and seemingly needs stimuli, like it wants to stand up and walk around when it is clearly time to sleep. This can lead to a lack of sleep and irregularities in the way your biological clock functions as well as the rest of your body’s functions will slightly be slowed due to the lack of sleep, exercise, and diet.

Studies show that the majority of RLS victims are adult women, however, anyone at any age can contract the symptoms, which vary greatly from person to person. Also it is theorized by some that RLS is a psychosomatic disease stemming from insecurities, all the way to poor lifestyle and health choices. Some episodes can be light and short and some can last longer, some with more intensity. It is always case to case. However no matter how high your threshold of pain is, there are some remedies that you can try at home to help deal and somewhat cope with your condition.

Lifestyle Choices

RLS is still being studied and understood, but one thing is certain, like all diseases and conditions there is a reason why they start to happen. The cause to the effect is our lifestyle choices and changes can be made to help get rid of RLS or at least to have to controlled and at bay. Here are a few pressure points to focus on.

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Eating healthy and at the proper times will help tremendously. Most people eat and drink horribly and sometimes right before bed, no doubt it causes a restless sleep. Eat less junk food and more vegetables and raw foods like salads, cabbages are great as it increases your serotonin levels. Indigestion and lack of fiber and lack serotonin in the system is a common denominator amongst RLS patients.


Another thing to stay away from is alcohol. Many people use it as a crutch and justify it as their night cap, I strongly advise against this as it is also a big factor in causing RLS to occur. If possible, try abstaining from alcohol altogether. Also steer clear from cigarettes because nicotine and the act of smoking can delay your sleep time as well as irritate your RLS tendencies. RLS may also be cause by other medications, be it prescription or over-the-counter, one of the leading causes is drugs also known as medication.


Many people that have RLS already have pre-existing issues that require them to take medication, for example, people with ADHD and bipolarity. For these cases they are directed to take forms of drug medication that directly affect their sleep patterns and perceptions. Try to live an organic life and avoid psychiatric medicine. Heavy medications can alter the entire harmony of your body system, thus affecting your mind and your brain functions as well.

Reducing and Dealing with Pain

RLS symptoms range from light to severe. Try hot and cold compresses on your legs and lower body along with massages to keep well circulated. There are also a number of herbal remedies that are out there making breakthroughs with RLS and many other diseases, so if you have the means I urge you to try that alternate and more natural way of life and visit an herb clinic.

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Let’s face it. Most people with RLS are unhealthy and unfit. Exercise is a preventative measure for most if not all diseases and conditions. Exercising even just the lazy minimum can help with feeling less pain and attaining better sleep. Of course if you start the great habit of exercise you will see that RLS will eventually fade away almost as if it were an imaginary disease.

Sleep Hygiene

RLS can keep you from your sleep, just as much as you keep yourself from sleep. Have some discipline. Try to sleep around the same time every night. Develop good sleep habits instead of bad. Try to be diligent with your sleep routine. If you still have trouble attaining sleep, try to keep record of what works or you and what does not. Sleep is a huge part of our lives and if we do not have enough of it our bodies and even our mind cannot cope very well with the everyday stresses thus causing more issues to develop. It is best to just nip it in the bud and to make a good change in lifestyle. Eat well, work well, exercise, and sleep. These are the things anyone that has insomnia, RLS, even everyone should do.

Reduce Stress

Meditation and breathing are great for reducing stress if you are able to be that kind of person. However if you are not into meditation, there are other ways. You can play your favorite sport, you can watch your favorite show (while stretching), you can go for a walk, or get a massage. Anything that is relaxing that does not slowly kill you. Even a glass of wine after your dinner and a long day at work is great if you don’t keep drinking the bottle, and preferably enjoyed with a friend. Studies show happier people are actually healthier, happiness is also the best stress reducer, if you can somehow find happiness, that would be the ultimate gain.

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While more studies are still being done, there is a link between vitamin D, C, E and Iron deficiencies and RLS. It seems that taking supplements containing these particular vitamins alleviates or even partially cures the symptoms. I think it is safe to say that you should try, only try a little harder to be a better person to yourself. Again, eat well, take supplements, exercise, be happy, sleep well, and everything will be just fine.

Consult Your Doctor

See if you really have Restless Leg Syndrome, try to do all the things we advised you to do. Most of the time doctors get paid to write your prescription because for every bottle they sell of whatever it may be, they get a cut. So attempt to get healthier, then after a week, a month, or 2 months, if you do not feel or see a difference, then go to your doctor. But remember, at the end of the day, it is up to you, and you know the truth about yourself deep inside. If you want to get better you will. If you don’t then you won’t.

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