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Basic Makeup Kit for Teens

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Teens are sure to be excited in trying makeup for the first time but if you don’t want your budding child to go overboard, you should give her the rundown of the basics. If you want to make sure that she’ll use makeup appropriately, try these steps out.

  • Prepare your skin. Most teenagers just slap on their makeup without even prepping their skin which only leaves their skin prone to irritation and acne breakouts. It is always a good idea to teach your daughter to apply sunscreen first to protect against UV rays and some BB cream for coverage. This will help hide any blemishes you don’t want to show.
  • Don’t forget moisturizer. Your teen’s skin can become dry when there is too much makeup which is why you need to show the importance of moisturizer. The moisturizer will be the one to lock the hydration in even when makeup is applied and it will help keep the makeup last longer.
  • Choose neutral shadows. Since your daughter is still trying makeup out, she can start with some neutral shadows. Neutral shadows are easy to work with and won’t be too harsh when applied especially when she’s going to school.
  • Concealer is your friend. There will be days when dark circles will appear under your daughter’s eyes especially when she has those late nights studying which is why you can show her the power of concealer. Choose a shade lighter than her skin tone so she can hide the blemish without being too obvious about it.
  • Eyeliner to emphasize the eyes. Eyeliners that are in the shades of black or brown are also useful because they can use this tool on its own to put more emphasis on her eyes.
  • Color correction. This may be a bit tricky to use but it help  your daughter learn how to conceal any blemishes using different colors. Color correcting palettes are usually in the same tones as the skin so everything will look natural when applied properly.
  • Lipstick or gloss. Of course, no teen makeup kit will be complete without lipstick or gloss. Go for the nude color as it will give that barely there impression which is appropriate for that age. Let her choose her own shade and have her test it out so she will get a better idea on how to use lipsticks that she is comfortable with.
  • Mascara. Another makeup must have for teens is mascara. Mascara is perfect for making her lashes look thicker. She can opt for this one if she wants to make her eyes look bigger or when she wants to make her peepers look more dramatic.
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 These are just some examples of basic makeup that every teenager should have in her makeup kit. With these options, she will be able to practice and learn the right ways to apply makeup and get to test what will work best for her too based on her personality.

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