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Make Your Hair Grow Faster with These Tips

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Having long, beautiful hair is probably on your wish list right now as you peruse magazines for that perfect look for the holidays. However, as much as you would like to achieve those gorgeous locks of famous actresses, you just can’t make your hair grow as fast as you want to. If you want to sport long hair in your next family gathering, you might want to consider using hair extensions. The good news though is that there are some steps that you can take to give your hair growth a boost and these are:

Wet hair massage. One trick to stimulate hair growth is to give your scalp a massage while you wet your hair. Start at the base of your head then work your way out to your hairline. This will increase blood circulation in this area which can increase hair growth.

Have some protein. Choosing the right foods can also help improve the growth of your hair. As a matter of fact, increasing your intake of protein can help make your hair longer faster as opposed to missing out this important nutrient in your diet. The best part is that protein can also make your hair become stronger and healthier than before.

Condition your hair right. It’s true that washing your hair with shampoo can help remove dirt, oil, and other elements that may be causing damage to your hair strands but you should also use conditioners to keep your hair moist. Hair experts also recommend that you use dry shampoo every once in a while to bring back the natural oils of your hair.

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Keep your scalp healthy. If you want your hair to grow faster, make sure that you apply your conditioner right. As a rule, conditioner should be applied to the strands of your hair rather than the roots because it might make your hair become too oily plus the chemicals present can clog the pores on your scalp leaving you prone to less volume and slow hair growth.

Give your hair a trim. As much as you would like to avoid cutting your hair because you are trying to make it grow longer, you will need to trim the ends if you want to make your mane look beautiful as it grows. Keep in mind that split ends do not confine themselves at the tips of your hair but they can go up your hair strands.

Tie your hair loosely before going to bed. It is possible to care for your hair even when you’re sleeping by tying it loosely in a braid. This will help reduce the damage and the danger of breaking some of them as you toss and turn in your sleep. Another way to keep your hair protected is to change your pillow cases to silk which is not only ideal for your hair because there is less static but it will also prevent wrinkles from forming on your skin.


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