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Prevent Dry Skin during winter

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Winter is an enjoyable time for most people. The cold and the snow during winter can give us rosy cheeks and pale skin. There are a lot of upsides to winter, but there can also be some downside. One of the most common ones is dry skin. The weather can cause our hands, feet and face to become dry and flaky. For some people winter dry skin can cause eczema, cracking and shedding.

The cold weather can affect your skin and the heat indoors can make the skin dry out. It doesn’t matter if you use electricity, wood or oil for heat, the skin will still dry out. The colder it is the drier your skin will become. This is especially hard for the skin, since this can mean inflamed skin and itchiness.

The best thing you can do to relieve your skin is to reduce the dryness. The dryness of your skin due to the lack of moisture. Below are some tips that can help prevent dry skin and regain normal skin during the winter months.

Moisturize! Moisturize! Moisturize!

We can emphasize this enough. One of the best ways for you to counter the negative effect of the winter weather is to keep your skin moisturized. The best type of moisturizer for dry skin is cream moisturizer and perfume free and lanolin free moisturizer is best for sensitive skin. Try your best to apply moisturizer at least every four hours.

Cleanse Your Skin

Cleansing is an important part of your skin care routine, but when it comes during the winter months; it’s best not to over cleanse. Especially the feet, hands, folds of the skin and feet. The other parts of your body can be cleansed using soap or other cleansing product. Though, when it comes to areas that are prone to dryness. Try to cleanse it at least every other day. Cleansing the skin too much will remove the natural oils and moisturizers on the skin that can make the dryness and irritation worse.

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Cold Water

Not the smartest idea to use cold water during the winter months, but it is one of the best ways to prevent dry skin. Washing your skin using hot water and soap will only strip away all the moisture in your skin. Avoid taking long baths too, this can only further irritate the winter itch. Opt for short lukewarm showers and use non detergent based cleanser. Pat dry your skin and don’t rub it aggressively. Make sure to apply oil type moisturizer after drying off.


During the winter, the air tends to become dry and cold, unlike other seasons that tend to be more humid. Humidity is important in maintaining moisture on the skin. Since, it is impossible to change the weather; you can always change the humidity level in your home. Invest in a good humidifier and add in some moisturizing essential oil. You will be hitting two birds with one stone.

Protect Your Skin

One of the most harmful things your skin will face during the winter months is the strong winds. This can irritate your skin, make it dry, strip away makeup, make dirt and grim stick to the skin and so on. The best thing you can do is to wear protective gear. Sunglasses, lip balm, hats and masks can help protect the skin from strong winds. When walking around, cover your face with a scarf or with your jacket.

Extreme Cold

Avoid staying in areas that are too cold. High temperature can irritate or trigger skin disorders. People are also likely to experience frost bite.

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Extreme Heat

The scale goes both ways. Excessive amounts of heat can also damage your skin. It removes the moisture in the air and further irritate the winter itch. Using heating pads directly on the skin or sitting in front of a fireplace too long can irritate the skin and make it dry.


Even though it’s winter, protecting your skin from the sun is still important. Always wear your sunblock when you leave the house. Apply moisturizer first and leave it to dry, then apply sunblock.

All these tips can help prevent dry and flaky skin during the winter, but when you start to feel some irritation and inflammation in your skin its best to find remedies. Soaking in a tub with oatmeal can relieve irritation. You can always go and get medical advice about your skin and get the right medication for it.

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