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Learn the Truth behind Back Problems

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Back pain and related problems can range from simple issues to more severe ones. In fact, most of the conditions that affect the back, such as the spinal column and the muscles located there can be extremely difficult to diagnose. While there are various treatment options available, these are often overshadowed by the most common myths and facts about back problems. So before you assume that you will never have back pains or problems or that you will become paralyzed for life if you have a back problem, make sure to read this article to learn the truth about these rumors.

Myth No. 1: Back Pain Will Never Happen to Me

The Truth – Extensive research, studies, and surveys have revealed that about 8 out of 10 people will suffer from back pain at some point in their life. In the United States, back pain is very common. Here are some quick facts that will help you understand why you will always have a risk of developing back pain or related problems:

  • Back problems and pain are the leading cause of immobility and disability in the male gender who are over 45 years of age Back problems and pain are the 2nd most common complaint that individuals tell their primary physicians
  • Back problems and pain are the 3rd most frequent reason as to why people undergo surgeries
  • Back problems and pain are the 5th most common reason for hospitalization
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Myth No. 2: Extreme Back Pain can Result in Me becoming Paralyzed

The Truth – This is another one of the most common myths and facts about back problems. It does not necessarily mean that if you are experiencing extreme back pain, you would already become paralyzed for life. In many cases, severe back pain does not often result in paralysis. However, there are some rare situations wherein paralysis is a risk. These include tumors in the spinal cord, infections of the spinal column, and unstable fractures of the spinal cord. If you are often suffering from back pain which results in your life becoming affected, you should already consult with your primary care giver.

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Myth No. 3: I am Physically Active and I Exercise Daily, I Don’t Have to Worry about Back Problems

The Truth – Again, since this is one of the most common myths and facts about back problems, a lot of people who have active sports lives often end up experiencing them because they are not prepared. While it is indeed a known fact that people who are well conditioned and physically fit rarely experience back problems and pain and have a lower risk of developing such issues than sedentary individuals, back conditions can affect anyone. In fact, there are actually some types of sports that can increase the risk of a person developing back problems and pain such as gymnastics, golf, and volleyball.

Now that you know the truth behind these very common most common myths and facts about back problems, you should be able to do everything you can in order to prevent these back conditions from happening to you.

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