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Makeup Basics for Women with Oily Skin

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Wearing makeup when you have oily skin seems like a constant battle with greasiness. It never looks good by the time afternoon rolls in. You’ve probably dealt with melting makeup too or that extra shine on your forehead cheeks, and chin. Yeah, women with oily skin know how tough this is. Most decide to avoid wearing makeup completely, but don’t we all want to look our best? Well, if your skin has decided that going all out oily is the way to go, you can still find ways to incorporate makeup to your routine. Here are some steps to help clear it up for you.

Always prime your skin

Primer is a must have in your makeup routine as it not only acts as the base for your makeup, but it also protects your skin from becoming clogged. If you haven’t tried this yet, you better get started to see the effects on your skin.

Consider your foundation’s formula

It’s true that you won’t run out of options when it comes to foundation, but before you grab the first one that you come across on the shelves, make sure that you got the right one for your skin. Yes, there are different foundation formulas being sold today since not all women have the same skin type. If you want to avoid ending up with that extra sheen on your face, look for foundation that comes in matte formula as well as long wear because they will not make you glisten in the most unflattering way.

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Powder helps

If you haven’t been using powder as part of your makeup routine, you might want to reconsider. For one thing, a face powder can help set your foundation quickly plus it absorbs the excess oil on your skin too.

Touch up with the right products

There are times when you can’t just help having that extra oil on your face so instead of having to redo your entire makeup, pack some blotting paper in your purse to blot out the extra shine on your forehead, nose, cheeks, and chin. Even the toilet paper in the bathroom can help out too if you find yourself without any blotting paper. Just make sure that you blot the excess oil out and not wipe as your makeup will follow suit as well.

Mineral makeup is your bestfriend

Not all makeup products are manufactured the same way. Cosmetic companies are now seeing the value of producing different types of makeup for their customers based on their skin type. Some are made with organic ingredients while others have lessened their use of chemicals. For oily skinned women, choosing mineral makeup will be better for your skin as they don’t get stuck in the pores of your skin. Mineral makeup is oil free so you are not adding to the oiliness of your skin at all. The best part is that these mineral makeup products can be easily removed from your skin afterwards.

Setting spray

Layering your makeup products is not really a good idea as you might end up with that caked look on your skin. Not only does this make you look unnatural, but it can also irritate your skin too.  A better option to consider when it comes to regulating the oily sheen on your skin is to use a weightless spray that you can mist on your face to help set your makeup and give you that matte finish. For sure, you will look much better this way since there is less oily sheen to be seen.

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