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Things That Can Easily Ruin a Fantastic Massage

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So many benefits can come with having a massage, especially the kind that is given by a certified massage therapist. It’s not just your body that can enjoy a lot of perks, but your mind as well. Reduced muscle and joint pain and stiffness, better posture, increased immune system, lowered stress and anxiety — these are some of the most profound perks that you can get from getting a good massage.

But no matter how fantastic a massage is, it means nothing if you are guilty of certain things that can easily negate all of the wonderful effects offered by this form of pampering.

If you are wondering why it seems like you are not experiencing the many different amazing things that others say that they are getting from a massage, then this article is made exclusively for you. Below you will come across those that can quickly ruin a massage.

Make sure that you also repost this article afterwards so that your family members or friends who are thinking about getting massaged can steer clear of these massage saboteurs, too!

Being on a Rush

When getting an appointment for a massage, make sure that you choose a day or hour where there is no need for you to be in a hurry to get out of the establishment. One of the main purposes of getting a massage is for you to attain physical and mental relaxation, and being on a rush can keep you from achieving such.

Also, it’s a good idea for you to be at the establishment a few minutes before your schedule — you may fail to completely reap the perks of a fantastic massage if your bloodstream is flooded with adrenaline.

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Drinking Coffee

Speaking of adrenaline, it’s a good idea for you to refrain from consuming coffee a few hours before your massage appointment. That’s because it can keep you stimulated, which is something that can prevent you from experiencing sheer tranquility. Aside from coffee, other caffeinated beverages are also off limits.

But it’s not just before a massage that you should steer clear of coffee or any other beverage with caffeine, but also after having one. Otherwise, the relaxing effects of a massage can be negated quite easily.

Having Alcohol

While it’s true that the consumption of alcohol can help you relax, it doesn’t really go very well with a massage. That’s because it introduces toxins into your systems, simply replacing the impurities a massage is capable of ridding.

Cannot say no to alcohol after a soothing massage so that you may be able to take a trip to dreamland after? Then do your best to limit the amount of your preferred alcoholic beverage to just a serving only. Consuming too much can keep you from having a restful sleep, thus leaving you feeling tired the next day.

Checking Out Social Media

There are times wherein you should refrain from reaching for your phone to take a look at what’s happening to everybody else via social media, and one of those moments is while you are being massaged.

It is while you are getting a massage when you can focus on nothing but yourself. In fact, you don’t have to think about any single thing, except for how lucky you are to have the opportunity to be pampered like royalty. Going on social media can keep you from focusing on yourself, and it may even leave you feeling upset, irate or jealous.

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Eating Junk Food

Minding what you put in your mouth is also a must if you want to reap the full benefits of a professional massage. See to it that you steer clear of anything that contains lots of fat, carbohydrates, sugar and sodium, and very little to no vitamins and minerals. In other words, dodge any form of junk food!

Before and after getting your massage, it’s a much better idea for you to have something healthy. There are plenty of options, ranging from a piece of fruit, a handful of almonds to a small serving of Greek yogurt.

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