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3 Beauty Benefits of Pomegranate

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Pomegranate or botanical name Punica granatum (from medieval Latin pomum ‘apple’ and granatum ‘seeded‘), also a fruit-bearing shrub or small tree that grows between 5 and 8 meters (16-26 ft) tall. A seasonal fruit from September to February in the Northern Hemisphere, while from March to May in the Southern Hemisphere, but naturally it originated from the Himalayas and Egypt.

This fruit is also frequently used in the kitchen as garnishes, smoothies, juice blends, in baking, or included in meals. It also used in alcoholic beverages for wines and cocktails.

Here are some of the three main beauty and healthy benefits that we can achieve by eating or drinking pomegranate fruit, seeds and juice.

1. Makes our Eyes Healthy

Like bilberry, pomegranate juice contains substance used in treating cataracts as eyedrop. It slows the development of eyes cataracts.

2. Protection of the Skin

Its seeds served in 100g, provides vitamin C, vitamin K and also contains polyphenols, ellagitannins and flavonoids, which are a great source of dietary fiber.  Due to its antioxidant properties, it is good for our system. Also it makes our skin youthful looking and provides moisturizing effects.

In medicine pomegranate is also considered as a blood builder, helps fight cancer, improves our bone and our digestive function. It increases appetite and helps increase hemoglobin thus preventing anemia. It is also used in treating nose bleeds and bleeding gums.

Clinical research stated that its juice is used in lowering the risk of heart diseases. Its daily consumption also inhibit viral infections and other bacterial infections that caused dental plaque.

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3. A Natural Agent for Cosmetic Products

It is used since ancient Ayurveda system, meaning traditional medicine as toner for the skin. Added with mustard oil, it helps in firming-up sagging breasts and treating hemorrhoids.

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