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7 Amazing Self-Care Ideas You Should Be Doing Now

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Do you feel stressed out lately with all the work that you are trying to accomplish? With the busy lives that we are living nowadays, we often forget to pause and think of ourselves for a change. Some think that spending time pampering themselves won’t get them anywhere, but truth is, we all need to practice self-care too, as it not only helps us feel calmer and more relaxed, but it can also help improve our performance levels as well.

And when it comes to self-care, there is more to it than just treating yourself to a spa, or a haircut. As a matter of fact, here are several self-care ideas that you should start with.

Go for a 10-minute walk

Just because you are at the office, it doesn’t mean that you won’t be able to practice self-care. As a matter of fact, you can actually make use of your lunch break to go for a 10 to 15-minute walk around the block, not only to help with your digestion, but also to clear your mind and up your energy levels too.

Start a journal

Writing down your thoughts at night can actually do you a world of good because it is like unburdening yourself of all the troubles that you had in the day. It’s not really necessary to write on it every day, but do this regularly and you will see an improvement to your overall emotional well being and health too.

Read more books

Most of us spend our days glued to our computer or other devices that we end up with mental stagnation and eye strain. Not only that, but constant exposure to technology can also limit our imagination and may trigger stress as well. That said, if you wish to practice self-care, then it is high time that you get started with reading. Books can transport you to different worlds and the best part is that you’ll feel less stressed too.

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Learn to say no

We often have this tendency of not saying no when someone asks for our time that we often find ourselves stretched way too thin. Not only is this unhealthy physically, but it can also create tension in you that can make you the worse for wear. That said, learning how to say no doesn’t mean that you don’t want to attend to someone, but you are actually practicing self-care for your own health.

Get outside

When it comes to self-care, there is nothing better than going out and being one with nature. Most of us are cooped up in offices or at home that we forget that nature can heal us. Plan for a weekend day hike or take a walk around the park where the sound of the trees will help you feel more at ease.

Create your personal retreat

You don’t have to go very far to practice self-care because you can easily transform one part of your house to your own quiet and relaxing retreat to go to when you are feeling stressed out. This can be your attic, a corner of your room, or even in your garden. Make this your sanctuary where you can relax and unwind.

Go offline

Shutting down your connectivity to the outside world, even for just a day, can do you a lot of good. No emails to check, no notifications to interrupt your me time, you’ll find that it is easier for you to stay happy and healthy when giving up your device even for just a day.

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