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Foods to Eat in Gastritis Diet

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Gastritis is the term used to refer to any inflammation that happens on the stomach lining. This can either be acute, or something that happens suddenly, or chronic, happens all the item. There are many factors that can cause gastritis to happen in the first place such as stress, your choice of food, alcohol, and even constant intake of medications.

The good news is that gastritis can be treated, and most of the time, reversed with the right steps starting from changing your diet, followed by making certain lifestyle changes. So, if you find yourself dealing with gastric pain from time to time, or whenever you eat, you might want to start with these steps.

Break down meals into smaller ones

We often eat three large meals per day which, in a gastritis diet, is not really recommended since it will be difficult for your stomach to digest everything. Since you are trying to reduce the effects of gastritis, breaking your food into smaller portions can help your stomach digest your food better without triggering inflammation.

Go for high-fiber foods

Another thing to consider when you are following the gastritis diet is to load up on foods that are high in fiber content. One reason behind this is that fiber can fill your belly up faster so you will eat less. What’s even better is that fiber can help flush the toxins from your body which can also reduce the inflammation that is happening in your stomach. There are a lot of options to consider for foods that are high in fiber content such as apples, carrots, broccoli, and the like.

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High-antioxidant foods

It appears that eating foods that are high in antioxidants can also provide relief from gastritis as well minimize your risk of digestive problems or even complications. Antioxidants can be found in a variety of foods such as brightly colored fresh produce such as vegetables and fruits. If you are wondering what you should be adding to your list of foods to buy, think onions, squash, leafy greens, asparagus, sea vegetables, turmeric, berries, and cranberries just to name a few.

Low-fat foods

What else should you be adding to your gastritis diet? Low-fat foods, such as turkey breast, chicken, and fish, have been found to reduce inflammation in the stomach lining which helps in easing the discomfort that you tend to feel after eating. There are several ways for you to prepare these ingredients such as steamed or baked even so there will be less oil in your belly.


If you want to fight off the inflammation that often happens in your stomach, introducing probiotics to your diet is going to be advantageous on your part. It is possible that the inflammation in your stomach is triggered by an imbalance of the good and bad bacteria that are populating your stomach. When bad bacteria tend to flourish more, gastritis and other digestive issues may arise. Introducing probiotics, such as kefir, sauerkraut, kombucha, and yogurt, can help produce more good bacteria in your stomach to help settle your gut.

Aside from researching on what foods are appropriate for gastritis diet, it is also important that you learn which ones to avoid. The best way to tame the inflammation in your gut is to avoid spicy, caffeinated, and fatty foods. Acidic fruits are not recommended as they can harm your stomach lining. Alcoholic beverages should be eliminated as much as possible to remove the formation of gas and other digestive issues as well. As for fried foods, the added grease can make it difficult for your stomach to digest it properly which can disrupt the entire process thus triggering gastritis.

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