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Add This Cruciferous Vegetable to Your Smoothie to Reduce Infection and Cancer Risk

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When making smoothies, the addition of various cruciferous vegetables is highly recommended. Unfortunately, they are some of the worst tasting veggies on the face of the planet. But there is one member of the cruciferous family that possesses a mild flavor, making it perfect as a smoothie ingredient, and it’s called garden cress.

If you are into making super healthy smoothies, read on to know some of the reasons why adding some garden cress to your favorite recipes is a wonderful idea. Share this article on your various social media sites afterwards to also introduce your smoothie-drinking family and friends to garden cress!

Garden cress can be one of the most easily accessible cruciferous vegetables out there because you can take good care of it in your own backyard, plus it tends to grow very quickly. Because of this, you can always have your supply of garden cress, which is a good thing because there’s something to add to your smoothies every time.

One of the nicest things about garden cress is it doesn’t have an overpowering taste like other cruciferous vegetables that you can think of. As a result, it’s so easy to enjoy a glass of nice tasting and super healthy smoothie each time — a handful of garden cress thrown into the blender is all that’s needed to be done.

What makes garden cress an excellent addition to your favorite smoothie recipes is the fact that it is capable of having your immune system strengthened. This cruciferous vegetable is actually loaded with vitamin C, and everyone is well aware that vitamin C is an important role player in boosting one’s immunity.

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Did you know that vitamin C in garden cress also allows you to stay looking young and beautiful? You see, vitamin C is something that is needed by your body for the production of collagen. A type of structural protein, collagen makes your skin firm. As a result, the formation of wrinkles is delayed — already present ones are improved.

Garden cress, just like the rest of the cruciferous family of vegetables, is an excellent fighter of cancer. No one wants to have the big C because it can be very hard to treat especially if it’s already in its later stages. But who needs to battle cancer if it can be prevented from striking in the first place?

So if you want to significantly lower your cancer risk, consider regularly whipping up and drinking smoothies with garden cress in them. But other than cancer, heart disease is another problem that garden cress may save you from ever encountering, courtesy of this cruciferous vegetable’s phenomenal antioxidant content.

You may also add some garden cress to your favorite salad, or even soup and stew. Anywhere it is thrown into, garden cress will surely boost its nutritional profile but without making it unpleasant to the taste buds — it’s mildly peppery and tangy taste can actually make just about anything more palatable.

Have you tried including garden cress to your smoothies or elsewhere? Feel free to share your thoughts in the comments section below!

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