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Tips on Getting Feminine Hands

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We tend to use our hands a lot and this is a part of our body that a lot of people are able to see and feel. There is something beautiful about soft and feminine hands that makes them an asset or attractive trait. A lot of us would do everything we can to get more feminine hands. However, due to the need to use our hands for different task, such as cleaning, writing and other manual labor – our hands become too exposed. This causes us to have dry, patchy and at times veiny hands. A lot of women would desire to have more beautiful and feminine hands. This is not as impossible as it seems. There are little things you can do to make your hands more feminine. Here are some things you can try below.

Cold Hands

During cold and winter months our skin is more prone to drying and flaking. Our hands are already more prone to drying out in normal weather, it can become a lot worse during cold weather. Strong winds, dry air and the cold can cause damage to your hands. You can easily protect them from the cold by how you normally protect your whole body from the cold – and that is to cover them up. Using gloves or mittens every time you plan to go outside. Make sure to change our mittens once it becomes damp to prevent drying out your hands. Even at home, when you feel that the air is too dry or cold use a mitten.

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Long Nails

Feminine hands often look thin and long. Some of us are not gifted with this and are often have hands are stubby or short. You can create the illusion of longer fingers and thinner hands by having longer nails. Those in fashion acrylic nails are a great way to add some length to your nails without the need to wait for them to grow on its own. Though, don’t make it too long. Nails that are too long can even make your hands appear tired and drier. Like makeup, having nails that are too long is too much. Opt for nail length that you can still use for your day to day activities such as wiping yourself.


Just having clean and well groomed nails can instantly make your nails more feminine. Not only will it be my hygienic for you, nails appear a lot drier and used when the nails are not manicure properly. You can get manicure every 2 weeks. Manicures can also help remove any excess skin around the nails that can make hands appear manly-ish. If you do your manicures at home make sure to invest in the right tools. Sharp clipper, buffers, hand lotions and so on can make a world of difference. If you prefer, you can always opt for a professional to do it, it’s a lot more relaxing.

Wash Your Hands

Our hands are more prone to bacteria than any part of our body. We use it to clean things, open doors, hold onto rails, write, typing, eat, prepare food and so on. With so many things we do, all those nasty things can get in the nails and remain in our skin. This shows how important it is to wash your hands regularly. Not washing your hands enough can make you more prone to illnesses, skin irritation and spread bacteria everywhere you go. To prevent getting dry hands for washing too much, opt for gentle soaps and avoid once that have high alcohol content.

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Hand Lotion

One of the best products you can use on your hands is hand lotion. Our hands are prone to drying, especially in the knuckles. These areas tend to darken due to dryness and friction. This can be unsightly and cause your hands look a lot less feminine. Simply applying hand lotions more regularly can reduce the dryness of your hands and make skin appear dewy. This can help give your hands a more youthful appearance. When it comes dark knuckles, look for lightening lotions and too much friction. (Rubbing knuckles in hard fabric, rubbing hands together, etc.)

When you think about how many things your hands go through every day, it is no surprise that our hands can become dry and prone to injuries. From cleaning ourselves, applying makeup, washing dishes, cleaning our cars, cooking and typing. All of these things can make our hands look tired or unfeminine. We hope that these tips above will help you in getting more beautiful and feminine hands. No need to spend a lot of money and time to getting the hands we you want. Share with us, your personal tips for getting more feminine hands.

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