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Benefits of Kala Namak or Black Salt for Your Skin, Health, and Hair

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Salt is a common ingredient that we use for seasoning our food but regular table salt can actually be harmful to our health when used in large amounts as it can cause thyroid problems, impotence, as well as other health issues. With that being said, switching to a healthier alternative such as Kala Namak or Black Salt (also known as Himalayan Salt) is highly recommended as it comes with plenty of benefits for your skin, hair, and your health too. You’re probably wondering what you can get out of this salt so we have listed its benefits here for you.

Boosts eyesight

One of the numerous benefits of Black salt is that it is actually good for your eyes. Using this salt on your food will not raise the amount of sodium in your body. The minerals that it contains can actually improve your eyesight in the long run.

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Good for bloating and constipation

Another health benefit that you can get from using Himalayan Salt is that it can help you deal with digestive issues such as bloating and constipation. It appears that ingesting this salt by mixing it with your food can actually save you from having distended stomach or even suffer from constipation because it works miracles in your digestive system.

Weight loss

Black salt has been found to be effective in helping us lose weight because of its low sodium content. If you want to keep the fats off, you should try Black Salt instead of regular salt. This way, your body won’t retain too much water or store plenty of fats in your system.

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Cleanses the skin

When it comes to your skin, using Black Salt as part of your homemade body scrub can help remove dead skin, dirt, and other impurities that are present in your skin. This way, you will reveal beautiful and healthy looking skin that is free from blemishes. Mix the salt with your choice of oil and gently massage it on your body. You will find that it is easier to keep your skin clean using this salt.

Prevents hair fall

What else can Kala Namak or Black Salt do for you? How about preventing hair fall from happening? If you are constantly plagued with hair fall or you have noticed that your hair line is starting to recede, use this salt to stop it immediately. Adding black salt to your daily diet can help deliver important minerals to your system which can halt hair fall in its tracks. You will find that your hair is growing better with this new addition to your diet. 

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Who would have thought that making a switch from your regular table salt to Black salt can give you a host of healthy benefits? Adding this salt to your meals is one of the best ways to get it into your system where it can protect your hair, skin, and health in the long run.

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